Friday 20 October 2017

She's a Dreamer.... By Fiona Hughes

Happy Friday Crafters!
It's Fi here, sharing today,  here on the Colour Blast Blog.

Using heavy kraft cardstock, I grabbed my  White Heavy Gesso, & using my silicone brush, I applied  the Gesso to a good area in the central portion of the age. I let this dry naturally.

Although random, the dried Gesso was not  quite random enough.
I chose 2 of Colour Blasts' blue tones- Deep Water & Singing the Blues- Colour Shimmer Sprays.
After agitating the shimmer, I sprayed one colour at a time onto some scrap plastic packaging, rubbed it together on itself and then...... turned it over and smooshed it onto the Gesso'd portion of my page. The 3rd Colourshimmer Spray I picked was Dusty Charcoal. I splattered this over the page as contrast.

So I then stuck down my photo and embellies.
I then picked a 6x6 cloud stencil, for easy movement around the page, and worked some Steel ColourPaste through it over my page.

The silhouette houses that I had adhered to the bottom of my page were  being lost  into the background. So I grabbed the Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray again and a fine paintbrush and very messily painted around the edges of the diecut, imitating shadows.

And that is it. Super simple. 
I hope you can take something away from this page and use it yourselves on your next page.

Much love to you all.

Cheers, Fi x

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