Saturday 28 October 2017

"Hello beautiful day", by Amanda H

Hello Colour Blasters!
October has flown by.... and today is my last share for the month!

Here is a sneak peek of this bright beach page, before I show you the steps I took to create it.

Creating this page:

I started this project with heavy weight cardstock. I knew I was going to add water, so the heavier cardstock was definitely the best plan. I had left the lid off my White Heavy Gesso, so it was super thick. This means it is perfect for swiping through a stencil.

I added to vertical lines of the bubble pattern down my page using the gesso through this fun awesome stencil. I dried this completely before the next step.

Next, I choose two Colour Sprays in complimentary colours - for this project I choose: Love and Bubblegum. I got set up in my cardboard spraying box (to collect the drips and over-spray) to keep my work space clean! I also had my water spray bottle on hand.

The first step in colouring the background, is to wet the page completely with water.

Next, I alternate spraying the 2 Colour Sprays in differing amounts, with spraying with more water. Continue this process, spraying the entire page until it is really wet and you have the coverage and shade of colour wanted.

Near the end, I needed an extra colour, so I added more Colour Spray in Sunset, which brought some orange tones into the background.

I dried the page completely before the next steps.

I chose two pieces of chipboard and inked them blue.

Next, I embossed the chipboard. Firstly I used Colour Embossing Powder in Singing the Blues.

I also, sprinkled some more Colour Embossing Powder in Snow White before I heat set it.

Back to my background now, and I made some splatters with a Colour Shimmer Cube in Singing the Blues. I also painted some of the bubbles.

I stuck the chipboard and photo to the background, before deciding to add a final layer of splatters. To make some white splatters, I mixed a blob of White Heavy Gesso with some water.

This makes a perfect consistency for some thick splatters of white on the page. Just remember to cover the photo so it doesn't get splattered too!

And here is my final page and some close ups. I love these colours, so perfect for the beach photo!
In this close up, you can see the layers of muslin and embellishments that I added around the chipboard. I also love how the white gesso splatters have even gone on the chipboard.
In this close up, you can see the gesso through the bubbles, and how I have added the Singing the blues Colour Shimmer Cube.

Thanks for looking,

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