Monday 23 October 2017

"When life's crazy..." by Malinda Gardner

Hi all, Mal here with a very different page to share with you this week...different because there's no photo and that's something very different for me.

What do you think?

The page started as a traditional page that was going to have a photo but all of a sudden it changed into a page with no photo. I think it was because of the background...I didn't want to hide it with a photo I wanted it to be a big part of the page; a focal point.

First up some swipes of Sunshine Colour Paste and then a spray of Singin the blues Colour Shimmer Spray over a mask


Next I decided I wanted to use my Shimmer Dusts in some way so I decided to scribble over my page and then colour in some parts with different colours.

I used Colour Shimmer Dusts in Paris, Amber, and Lollipop .

Something you may not know about the Shimmer Dusts is that you can use them in a few ways and get different shades of the same colour.
So if you add them to your messy mat or palette and then add water you get a certain colour like the red here below or you can use a water brush which is wet and then pick up some of the dust and then you get a truer colour to what's in the pot like the maroon colour on the left below.

That's pretty cool hey.

Lastly I sprayed a raw chipboard tree (no gesso needed) with the Colour Shimmer Spray in Singin the Blues again.

I don't use gesso as I like the spray to seep into the chipboard and I also like the unevenness of the spray on the chipboard

Finally some embellishments and some doodling and I feel it's done.

Feels good to do something different...

Happy Mal

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