Sunday 29 October 2017

Floral Background - Together by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome back you lovely creative people.
It's my turn on the Colour Blast Blog again and I want to share a layout I made when feeling particularly feminine.... I wanted flowers galore so I used some of the wonderful Colour Blast Shimmer products and fussy cut patterned paper to create it.
I think that it turned out stunning and it was so simple to do.
First up spray a few squirts of Colour Shimmer Spray in Envy at the top of a sheet of white cardstock. Do the squirts close to the page as you need the Shimmer Spray to pool and not dry too quickly.
 Next tilt the cardstock up so that the pooled Colour Shimmer Spray runs down the page in dribbles. You now either need to leave this aside to dry or use a heat gun on it to dry it.
 Once the Envy Colour Shimmer Spray is dry do the same with some Blush Colour Shimmer Spray. Let dry again.
 Once the Blush is dry then put a few mid sized drops of Colour Spray in Violet and then turn the page around so that the bottom edge is facing away from your face and blow the drops of Violet Colour Spray with one quick burst of air - this will cause the Colour Spray to spread out in the direction that you are blowing in finer runs. If you don't like to be spontaneous with this technique you can get more control with blowing through a straw.
 Next choose a floral sheet of patterned paper from your stash and fussy cut out a few of the flowers and foliage.
Here you can see how many I cut out and that not all the flowers were perfect, I used some from the edge of the paper to save the paper. Waste not want not. :)
Once I had enough flowers I placed them over the Blush and Envy Colour Shimmer Spray and the Violet Spray. I kept the flowers at the top of the page. Once I like the placement I adhered them with a glue.
I really like how it is look at this stage but thought that the flowers were a bit too bright for what I wanted so I painted a small amount of Heavy White Gesso over the floral print.
While I was painting the Heavy White Gesso on the flowers I now realised that the quality of the Gesso was that good that it was tone down the colours of the flowers too much. So while it was still wet I simply whipped the flowers back with my finger to take the opaqueness that I liked.
I wanted a bit more foliage in the design so I grabbed three little pots of cuteness. Apple of my Eye, Deep Water and Leather Shimmer Cubes - Watercolours. I used a water brush to activate them and simply painted a few lines for the middle of a leaf with the Leather Shimmer Cube and then I painted the shape of a leaf around the line with two tones of green, the Deep Water and Apple of My Eye.

As you can see the background for my layout looks lovely (even if I do say so myself) and it was really supper easy and pretty fast to create. The longest thing was waiting for the Shimmer Spray to dry.... and if you fussy cut your flowers as you wait then the time doesn't seem as long.

At this stage I decided that I wanted to add some dimension to the background so opened a pack of diecuts, which had flowers, butterflies and other bits and pieces in it. I chose the flowers I wanted and folded the petals and the leaves of diecut gently in half to add some dimension.

On the reverse side of the diecut I placed a bit of double-sided tape in the middle and some 3 dimensional tape on the petals and leaves, to add height to them. I then stuck them down over the top of the fussy cut flat flowers.

To finish off I added a photo and a title. As I used a gold glittery foam title I decided that the layout need a bit more gold so I used the end of a paint brush and made dots of gold with Bling Colour Paste.

One of the main reasons why I love using Colour Blast is that each and every product made is such a great quality and that they all complement each other. Who would have thought that Spray, Cubes, Gesso and Paste combined could create something this lovely?   :)  


 Thanks for dropping by. I hope that you like my layout and I would really love for you to share your creation with us at the Colour Blast Creative Corner Facebook Page if you are inspired by any of the beautiful artwork that you see here on the Colour Blast Blog.

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