Tuesday 17 October 2017

Monoprinting with Colour Blast by Rachel Dutko

Hi Colour Blast fans

Today I am sharing how I use Colour Blast Colour Sprays with a monoprinting gel plate.

I finally purchased a gel printing plate recently and I wanted to experiment 
with my Colour Blast Colour Sprays. 

Here are a few projects I have made with the resulting prints.

So let's take a look at how I used my Colour Sprays with the gel plate.

My first step was to add a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso for the sprays to 'stick' to.

Next I randomly sprayed Bubblegum, Saffron,  
Rainforest and Caribbean Colour Sprays.

The next step was to lay a stencil across, and then my paper. The trick is to press down on the paper, making sure to get into the spaces of the stencil really well.

Now for the reveal!

I really enjoy the anticipation of the unknown result of the print!

I found that the White Heavy Gesso gave my prints more of a 
'softer', almost pastel look to the vibrant colours.  

I tried some more combinations of colours, this print is using  
Indigo, Lagoon and Caribbean Colour Sprays.

I then thought I would try using Black Heavy Gesso 
as my base colour.

It was quite hard to see the sprays on the black gesso, but that just 
meant the reveal was more of a surprise!

I found the darker Colour Spray colours worked better on the Black Heavy Gesso. 
This print uses Black Heavy Gesso and 
Rainforest and Carribean Colour Spray.

Lastly I added some splatters of 
watered-down Black Heavy Gesso.

I cut down my prints and added some 
plain die-cuts to make some cards.

I hope I have inspired you to experiment with 
your Colour Blast products.

Thanks for looking

Rachel x x

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