Thursday 19 October 2017

Sisters from the Heart by Suzy Loudon

Hello everyone. I was playing around trying new things out when I stumbled upon a tie dye like effect. It completely wasn't what I had in mind when I was playing, but found it the next morning when I went to throw out the soggy mess. So I tried it again and came up with this layout.

So to begin with I got a piece of white cardstock then placed a paper insert from an album sleeve (the freebie ones that come in them when you buy album sleeves) on top of the card.

In a container I mixed some Heavy White Gesso with water to make it quite runny. I grabbed my paint pallet & activated some Colour Shimmer Dusts in Paris, Peacock, Duke & a tiny bit of Lollipop.

I then drizzled the watered down gesso over the paper. Nice and thick and soggy.

I then squirted the Colour Shimmer Dusts randomly into the Gesso (this is where I originally thought I might get a marble effect but no)

Swirling it around gave me this awful concoction. But I put it aside and left it till morning.

This is what I found in the morning. 

I lifted off the top sheet carefully as it was still soggy & runny. The centre of the top sheet had buckled so contact with the bottom card around the centre wasn't great but knowing I was going to cover that area it didn't bother me.

The whole process got me thinking & I started to think if I could get the tie die effect other ways or if it really was from the gesso. So I folded another album insert sheet into four. Gave the top sheet a really heavy spray with water then again drizzled the Shimmer Dusts. Then left overnight again. In the morning the effect I was left with was just a watercolour effect. 

I mixed some Polar & Cool Mint Mica Powder with some Heavy White Gesso, mixing well. I kept adding Mica till I was happy with the colour. 

I dabbed it on my chipboard alternating colours. I heated it with my heat gun giving it a great bubbled effect.

I flipped my page around then added some stamping with black Stazon Ink.

For my title I used foam glitter letters. I activated some Midnight Shimmer Dust then dabbed it onto my letters. 

As it dried the black lightened, so I had to keep adding layers until I was happy.

I covered my photo then added splashes page with some more Midnight Shimmer Dust.

I used  Bling Colour Paste on the back of a clear plastic word.I just carefully applied it with a paintbrush.

It dried great with the gorgeous colour coming through.

I added some die cuts & sticker elements as well as some clear micro beads.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I played with my great Colour Blast products. I encourage you to play & try out new things as you never know what you'll end up with.

See you next time.

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