Monday 13 November 2017

Treasure Chest with Selena Stevens

For Fathers Day Miss 4yo and I thought we could make Daddy a treasure chest for his beard oil as all beardy Daddy’s should have one.

Together Miss 4 yo and I began our quest to build a treasure chest.  To watch the time-lapse process video of us in action click here.

Or watch it below.

So lets begin…

To begin with we gathered our supplies.  We used a small box with “I love you” written on it as a good quest always involves a romance story.  We sanded the box back to ensure that the Heavy Black Gesso would adhere to it without a problem. 

Gold was discovered on this quest through the use of Colour Paste Bling and a stencil to add a bit more texture and a bit of bling to the treasure chest.

Treasures were discovered in the form of metal, chipboard, and buttons and these were adhered to the box with gel medium.  Once this was dry another coat of Black Heavy Gesso was applied.  Some of the Colour Paste Bling was left showing through in places.

Colour was added by dropping Colour Mica Powder (Peach NectarOlive GroveCool MintWatermelon and Wisteria) onto the dry box with a palette knife.  This was then spritzed with water so the powder could dissolve.

Once it was dry I sprayed a fixative over the surface of the treasure chest as it will be handled on a daily basis for Daddy’s Beard oils.  The satin material was glued with gel medium onto the inside of the box to finish the treasure chest.  Which brings us to the end of our quest without too much misadventure.

As an extra I also swatched the Colour Blast products onto Heavy Black gesso and they look amazing.  The shimmer really comes out in them. 

I hope you enjoyed this adventure and go explore with your own art products.

Until next time

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