Wednesday 29 November 2017

Dream Big by Danielle Vertigan

There is a lot of colour and a lot of shimmer coming you way.
I love getting to play with these products and
sharing my creations each month is an added bonus.
I work a lot on basic cardstock and I have to say I am
a huge fan of black!
The shimmer is divine when used against black cardstock
and is definitely something to try at home.
So here goes....
We are going to get stuck into a lot of goodies with this layout.
So to get started your going to need Black Cardstock, attached to a sheet of 12x12 chipboard.
You will need to select a stencil background.
I'm working with
I started with Rose petal and ran it through the stencil in scattered areas as pictured
I then followed the same process using Just Blue and finally Singing the Blues.
I removed the stencil and set it aside to dry.
The marbled tone you get is really effective.
Its now time to hit the spritzer box with these gorgeous colours!
I'm again using Rose Petal, Singing the Blues and Just Blue
in Colour Shimmer Spray.
I turned my layout upside down to work on and spritzed each colour over the matching Paste section starting with Just Blue.
Next was Rose Petal.
I tilted the page to encourage a few small drips.
I finished with Singing the Blues and then set aside to dry.
How gorgeous is the Shimmer??
Next I selected my photo and decided on placement.
I often start without an actual photo in mind.
I'm a little dysfunctional that way.
Once this was decided I was left with a void to the right and instead of black space I decided to add the Script from my Stencil.
using Snow White  Colour Paste 

I haven't embossed for a while and this was the perfect addition to complete my page.

Using these sprigs I first ink them with a powder blue chalk ink and followed it with
Embossing Powder in Just Blue and Snow White

 Starting with Just Blue I sprinkled it over the wet ink using my Embossing tray.
I repeated the same ink process and then finished with Snow White embossing powder.

I used my sprigs to create these clusters.

Layered with a Doily and a few embellishments it came together beautifully.

I love the result and although the Script Stencilling is transparent up close its extremely effective when you look at the layout as a whole

I little White Gel pen adds some detail and its done.
Thanks for stopping by and following my journey on this layout.
All these goodies and more are ready to order at
Till next time....

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