Wednesday 1 November 2017

Together you are Invincible by Danielle Vertigan

I cant believe its November....
To ring in the new month Colour Blast has a fabulous new challenge ready to inspire you.
I was super excited with this one and immediately new what I wanted to do.
I think as kids our first true friends are our cousins and my daughter is super lucky to have a very special friendship with hers. I hope it stays with them through life.
So lets get started.....
First is first, you will need White Cardstock, 12x12 Chipboard.
using a High tack adhesive tape, attach the two sheets together.
My base was created using the
Road Base Colour Spray 
to the left I have shown you an application using the stalk.
If you aren't comfortable in doing a direct pour this is a great option.
It can be a little more time consuming but you will get there.

I used the stalk to drag my pour to the top of the page.

You can now see the coverage I have at the top of my page.
(Yes at this point I am working on my layout upside down)
Using my stalk I then began spreading down my page creating jaggered lines

Its now time to tilt so the liquid spreads.
Remember to tilt it backwards to slow the drips if needed.

I used both the flat section of the stalk for one last spread followed by the end of the stalk.
I used this to create the scratchings.
Set it aside to dry.

I've chosen a doily stencil to complete my dream catcher.
Using the Dusty Charcoal  Colour Paste
I applied this generously to a half circle over my previous work.
I carefully lapped the edge and using a freehand method completed a 1/2 circle as pictured below.

 I then spritzed using
Bling Colour  Shimmer Spray

I wanted to complete a Dream catcher pattern by drawing lines around the doily pattern.
This was completed using a white Gel Pen.

I coated some chipboard feathers with two layers of Road Base, followed by Bling.

Using a craft knife I cut out freehand a section where I wanted to display my photo.

I then used pearl strip to detail the lines of my circles in the dream catcher and also in the attachment of the feathers.
It finishes that nicely giving the appearance of dangling
Some journaling detail in the bottom corner along with freehand lines for the border was the perfect touch.
I did decide to add lapping lines in the journal area using a ruler.
This was a last minute addition which I think is quite effective.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out...
Don't forget to have a go of the challenge and get your entries in!
This one really is a lot of fun.
To purchase any of the items used today or to simply add to your collection simply head to

Till next time....

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