Monday 6 November 2017

'Never Forget to be Yourself' by Mal

Hi all, 
Soooooo you may have heard that Colour Blast now has a line of Artist Inks...well I got the whole range and OMG I am in love with them. I played with them all last weekend and did 5 pages and 3 cards. 
So here's my first share with you using the inks.

I started with my background.
I dropped a couple of drops of citrus and grass Colour Artist Inks onto my page using a eye dropper.
 Next I used a brush and flicked some of the calypso Colour Artist Ink

I love how it dries super quick when it is a light splattering and how the inks mix slowly.

I dried the inks with a heat gun, they dry like a true ink.

Next I wanted to see how the inks spread or blended. I used my fingers to dip into the inks and then spread the colour on to my page.


I added some calypso Colour Artist Ink to some Heavy White Gesso and mixed together and then applied through a template. I know gesso isn't a traditional paste to use on a template but I wanted a light paste. The ink didn't remain as vibrant when added to the gesso, it went quite light. Next time I will add to some texture paste if I want the true colour. In this case I'm really happy that the colour did lighten as I didn't want it to be the exact same colour as the colour used on the background.

 How awesome is that!? My hands were black after I finished this page...oh well all part of the creative process hey

Whilst my background dried I worked on some embellishments. I sprayed a white material camera and a raw wood veneer with some Colour Shimmer Spray in Deep Water. 

Lastly I painted a piece of raw chipboard with Spice Colour Artist Ink. The ink worked well but the colour wasn't exactly what I wanted so I painted it a second time with Lime Colour Artist Ink.

It looks cool doesn't it! I love the depth of colour the two coats of different colours has given the piece.

And that's it. What do you think?
You have to get some of the inks...I have 3 more pages I've started and I'm itching to get back to my scrap table and do more.
Till next time...

xxx Mal

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