Saturday 17 September 2016

Snow Burn featuring a kaleidoscope background by Ree Peace

Hi all!!!
Ree here with a bright and colourful scrappy LO =)

Using a firm cardstock and washi tape I masked off in a pattern I was happy with...

Then flicking/sprinkling dry Colour Shimmer Dust in multi colours including Navy, Candy, Lush, Violet and Sunflower, I spread a kaleidoscope of coloured powder before....

Hitting it with water!!!

Magic really happens on the page!!
The dried result reminds me of the speckled fruit tingle =P

I used my heat gun to dry the page and heat the washi tape glue to avoid tearing the page.

With a fine liner I created 'messy' shapes over each coloured portion, this just seemed right to do! And I love it! Oh and can you see the shine?!?! 

With the addition of thickers, embellies, a flair, some stamping and some typewriter journaling on vellum the photo pops on top of layers of printed paper and tissue.

I really enjoyed this process and the results are fun! I hope it inspires you to have a try!

Stay safe, Ree x


  1. Love this layout Ree, great technique 😊

  2. Love this design Ree. Can't wait to try this one out!

  3. It was heaps of fun ladies!! Prepare to be colourful ��