Tuesday 13 September 2016

18 Simple Techniques for the Colour Blast Sprays

Hello everyone, Tracey Campbell here with my first post for September. Do you ever get in a rut with using a product the same way over and over and wonder what else you can do with it?? Do you get stuck for ideas and end up "gasp" not using that product because you just can not think of what to do with it? I know I do... so I thought I would have a play with some of the Colour Blast Spray and put together a simple process video demonstrating some simple but different techniques.

For those of you who can't or don't watch videos I have taken a photo of the finished technique I have used and given a brief description of how it was done.

Cling Wrap Texture - spray some Colour Blast Spray onto the cardstock and scrunch up some cling wrap and lay over the top - let dry over night.
Colours used Violet and Rainforest.

Straw Bursts - dribble a bit of Colour Blast Spray onto the cardstock and use a straw to blow the dribbles around into a star burst pattern.
Colours used Bubble Gum and Saffron.

 Mix a squirt of two of Colour Blast Spray into some Glass Bead Glitter Gel, mix thoroughly and then scrape onto your cardstock. It goes wonderfully through a stencil or just smeared straight onto your cardstock.
Colour used Grape.
Mix a squirt of the Colour Blast Spray some Texture Paste (I have used Black Sand Texture Paste), mix thoroughly and add to your cardstock. This adds wonderful texture to your creation.
Colour used Saffron.

Change the look of your chipboard by simply spraying some Colour Blast Spray onto the raw chipboard. If you want a more vibrant colour coat the chipboard with white gesso before hand.
Colours used Grape and Saffron.

For this lovely leopard print look, simply squirt some of the Colour Blast Spray onto some bubble wrap, the press down onto your cardstock.
Colours used Road Base and Mocha.

If you spray some of the Colour Blast Spray onto some dense foam you can use it as a stamp pad.... the result is bright vibrant stamped images.
Colour used Lagoon.

A great way to create a water paint background is to spray some of the Colour Blast Spray onto your craft mat or a bit of plastic, flip it over and press it onto your cardstock.
Colours used Grape, Saffron and Bubble Gum.

 The most basic and most popular way of using Colour Blast Spray is to simply squirt it onto your creation.
Colour used Rainforest.

A fun way to create interest on your projects is to take the top off the Colour Blast Spray bottle and splatter small dots of spray over your creation.
Colour used Road Base.

This fun technique that catches the eye and creates movement on a layout is the dribble technique. Spray a small squirt of Colour Blast Spray at the top of you creation, pick you page up and let gravity do the work and the spray will move down your artwork.
Colours used Bubble Gum and Lagoon.

Splatters are so much fun, simply use an eye dropper to suck up some of the Colour Blast Spray, raise your arm high off the page and let a drop of two go. The higher you take your hand away from the page the bigger the splat you get.
Colours used Saffron.

This motley effect is pretty easy to create, you do need some patience as you have to wait over night to see the finished design. Just spray a few squirts of Colour Blast Spray onto your cardstock and then pour some rock salt onto the wet spray and leave dry. When it is completely dry just use your fingers to gently remove the rock salt.
 Colours used Grape and Caribbean.
Create interesting doodles and shapes by simply drawing with the Colour Blast Spray straw inside the bottle. If you use two different colours whilst they are still wet then where you over lap the doodles you will get a third colour as they blend together.
Colours used Lagoon and Saffron

For this textured resist look I used some 3D Gel Medium through a stencil or mask, let it dry and then simply sprayed some Colour Blast Stray over the top. I did blot the excess spray off the gel medium.  
Colour used Coffee.

One of my favourite things to do with the Colour Blast Sprays are to use them as a water paint and simply paint with them from the bottle or dilute them a bit with some water to give a lighter colour.
Colours used Bubble Gum and Road Base

This is a great way to create interest, just by spraying the Colour Blast Spray through a stencil or mask. Then if you quickly take the mask/stencil off the page flip it over and press it down onto the cardstock - like in the photo below. This makes you spray go twice as far!!!
Colour used Bubble Gum.

For each of these techniques I have used the Colour Blast Sprays and you can find them at the Colour Blast Store.

Thanks for sticking around and having a read, I hope you enjoyed it and I would love to hear some feed back if you got any benefit from my video or photos as I am thinking of doing a few more posts like this as I play with all the wonderful Colour Blast products.


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