Thursday 1 September 2016

"Fly" by Amanda Hartmann

Hi Colour Blast Fans....

Always discovering new things to love about Colour Blast.... this month I realised that I can create my own personalised embellishments to go with any layout. Personally I don't scrap much purple, which means I never seem to have enough purple flowers or papers or embellishments. Well, with Colour Blast, it just doesn't matter. With Colour Blast Products I can colourise anything, creating unique and perfectly matched pages! YAY!

So let's check out all those purple finishes on my page this month. Here's the page....

And here's some step by step instructions, to show how I made the background and matched embellishments.

Collect some neutral papers and find all Colour Blast products in shades of purple.

Scrunch tissue paper (I used an old dress pattern), and glue to the patterned background paper with a glue stick.

Mix Colour Mica Powder (I used Wisteria) with some Gel Medium.

Spray some water to the mix to make it more liquid, so it will be easier to paint to the background.

Paint Colour Mica Powder mix onto background, focusing on sticking tissue paper to the background as you go.

Add a few sprays of water as you go, helps move the medium around. Dry it!

Got leftover mix on your paint tray? Don't waste it!

Use it (plus a bit of extra water) to colourise some white ribbon.

Get a stencil and add another layer of colour, this time using Colour Blast Paste (I used Lovely Lilac). Dry it.

Create your own embellishments by using Lovely Lilac Colour Embossing Powder to emboss metal charms.

 I find it easy to pick up the charm with tweezers, and dip the charm into embossing fluid, then dip into the embossing powder.

Heat the powder. Give it a second dip in the embossing powder as you go, if you need to give it a thicker coat. Cool charms (careful they can get hot!).

Unwind the lid of some Colour Sprays and flick some colour splatters onto your page. I used Violet, Grape and Roadbase.

Use the end of the spray stick to trace some colour around stencil shapes on the page.

Add some stamping and doodling to background.

Get ready to put your page together, starting with stapling the hand-coloured ribbon to the background.

Here are some close-ups of the final page, where you can see the details of the Colour Mica Powder paint on the tissue paper plus Colour Paste on the background, as well as the Colour embossed metal charms (leaves and butterfly) and hand-coloured ribbon.

Thanks for looking, let me know your least favourite colour to scrap - I bet Colour Blast can help you create a perfect colour matched layout!


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  1. Thanks for the tips Amanda!! Looking forward to trying the mica and gel medium together :) my least favourite colour to scrap with is brown!! Love your purple page 😊