Friday 2 September 2016

"Adventure" by Melissa Struhs

Hey Colour Blast Fans!
Ever get the feeling that you are losing your scrappin' mojo and can't get inspired? It happens to us all at some point and I have felt it start to disappear from time to time. And just this past weekend, got to spend 2 glorious days with some of my oldest scrap friends who loved getting their Colour Blast on! It really made me appreciate how blessed I am to have them to craft with and be able to share ideas for such great products.

But I never know what I will feel like working on till I get in the zone so I just threw random supplies into my bag and hoped I would rise to the challenge of making it work under pressure. Keep an eye out for these products and I am absolutely certain some, if not all of these things are something you already own.
1. Cardstock die cut.
2. Kraft tag.
3. Canvas resist embellishment.
4. Polaroid frame.
5. Cork artesian shape.
6. Journaling card.

So, amongst it all there was a chance to go back to basics and try to build something quite layered while using some forgotten embellishments tucked way at the back of the collection!!!

I have taken a basic white cardstock die cut and created a two tone look with Colour Embossing Powder in Singin' the Blues and Deep Water

The colours really helped highlight the intricate wave design

and bring such a unique textured finish. The die cut was added to a kraft tag to create a sandy background

and flicked with the matching Colour Shimmer Sprays, lots of nice big blobs and tiny splatters complete the look.

I uncovered some canvas resist pieces

that loved to soak up the two different shimmer sprays. The seamless blending of the colours is something that happens naturally, no fancy tool or technique required. Just spray and allow to dry.

A polaroid frame had a new distressed edge applied with a mix of the embossing powders around the outer edge.

The cork artesian shape had a fishing net stencil applied over the top and was swiped with Deep Water Colour Paste.

A journaling card was sprayed to tone down the bold white grid can see the fine and chunky droplets next to the day of the week.

As each of the elements come together, it really is just a matter of layering them to overlap and create a feature around the focal photo.

I would love to say that I started and finished heaps of layouts, made a stash of cards and got up to date on all of my impending deadlines...but in all honesty it was all about the colour! We mixed and test ran combinations, tried a little of this and that, swapped ideas and admired everyone's Colour Blast projects!  (I love that they raided my stash of products when I piked and went home early the first night!)

Maybe it's time to revisit those long forgotten embellishments and give them a new look this weekend with your gal pals.
Till next time,

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