Tuesday 26 January 2021

Tip In Flourishes

 Good morning Bee Arters! 

Hope you are enjoying your Australia Day holiday ... why not celebrate by creating a journal page by supporting a proud Aussie based company https://beearty.com.au/ 

In this Blog entry I have added a tip in lace flourish to the page.  Enjoy the process and have some fun. 

List of materials used in this project

The finished product of this journal page is A4 size, I used a piece of White Cardstock 350gsm 10 pack - 12"x12".  I made a crease at the A4 measurement to create a 'tip in' fold using a boning tool.

Firstly, mask off the crease line to keep the 'tip in' clear of base coat paint on main page.  Apply small blocks of colour over the A4 background using your finger in 'figure 8' fashion.  Add each colour in turn leaving the yellow and magenta last.  You may wish to dry off in between to eliminate muddying of colours.
N.B.  I did not gesso this paper in this instance, but you could if you prefer too.

Be sure to cover the whole of this A4 section of paper.  Completely dry off.

Using the 
Boxed in stencil A5choose one of the background colours (not the pop colours e.g. yellow, magenta),  add a little white beside, blend using the silicone sponge then apply randomly over the stencil (don't have to use whole stencil).  Dry off.

Continue this process in same colour over the entire surface of the page.  Dry off.

Select another colour from your palette 
(not the pop colours e.g. yellow, magenta), again apply the focal stencil Flux A6 stencil randomly over the page, apply stencil in different directions. Dry off.

Remove the masking tape from the 'tip in' section.  In this project I opted to hand draw a similar 'flourish' design using the stencil as a guide only (see below).  If you are an accomplished craft knife user feel free to use the 
Flux A6 stencil to draw a pattern over the white area for your design.

I drew this design on a spare piece of card and adjusted until I was happy with the design then transferred this over to the 'tip in' page.

Before cutting out the shapes I marked in the areas to be cut out with a X to ensure I removed the correct sections.
N.B.  please use caution when using craft knives always place the non dominant hand well away (behind the cutting area) and always turn the page to make curves do not twist your arm.

After cutting apply more masking tape along the coloured background area along crease.

Select a 'pop' colour, Magenta, colour the cutout sections, may require two coats on both sides of the 'tip in'. Dry off and remove tape.


Colour paste - Rose Petal with texture paste apply through Flux A6 stencil over the stenciled surface, allow to dry.

Add some intensity and dimension over the focal stenciled area using 
Colour Spray - Bubblegum.  Cover the page with power towel so the page is protected from over spray of ink.

Add some paint spatters in light yellow colour to add contrast and to soften the page and including both sides of the 'tip in' flourish also.

Add highlights to the pink flourishes using 
Life of colour pens - yellow around all of the stencilled areas.

On the underside of the 'tip in' highlight the cutout design shapes with the yellow pen.

On the upper side of the 'tip in' I chose to use a dashed line to highlight the cutout shapes.

In this project I also drew around the tip in cutouts, in yellow pen, onto the back page to create bubbles for the stamped sentiments.
Add small word / sentiment stamps that fit in the size of the cut out shapes.  In this project I included; Heartfelt clear stampLive your art clear stamp setKind heart clear stamp set with archival ink.


I hope you have enjoyed this fun project and you are inspired to create your own.  

Thank you and see you next time for more creating fun!