Thursday 28 January 2021

Family Love

 Hi everyone, Great to see so many people doing the most amazing creating. Today I'm here to inspire you to go back and find some of your left overs and even thou this has lots of fussy cutting it is a quick and simple layout to do.

 I used the papers from 'Grateful Heart' kit by Michelle to create this page.

The products included:

- Pages from 'Grateful Heart kit': Blessed (Words1), 'Love' (Side A), ' Faith' (Side B), 'Gathers' (Side A), Black Cardstock 'Together'(Side B edge)

-Colour Shimmer Dust: 'Lush', 'Amber', 'Sunflower', 'Peacock', 'Paris', 'Candy'


Firstly I cut out the flowers, leaves, bird, heart and phrase that I need to layer under the photos are chosen to use. I chose 3 that showcased our beautiful grandies and some of the special moments we cherished. 

I layered a piece of torn white wood 'Faith' paper and the edge of the 'Together' patterned paper over the top of the black 12"x12" cardstock which is in the kit and attached them together with double sided tape.

I use my phone to take photos of different placements of the flowers etc and review the photos to chose my favourite layout. Doing this then provides me with a copy of the final placement to refer back to when I glue it all down finally. I added some torn cardboard under the bird area to lift the bird up to give the page more dimension and with the photo of the boys using the binoculars it worked really well.


Using the colours of Amber, Paris, Sunflower, Candy, Peacock and Lush Colour Shimmer Dust I placed a very small amount into individual sections of the palette and added water to make a watercolour to paint my fussy cut elements. Several layers of colour painted on top of each other in different areas gives more depth to the page. 


For a deeper colour I placed a small amount 'Lush' powder onto my work mat and dipped my wet brush onto the powder and transferred it onto the sections I wanted dark.

I also added some paint along the patterned paper above the title phrase to bring in another colour element to connect the edge with the rest of the painted area. 


Here are some close ups for you to check out.

Thanks for joining me and I hope I inspired you to check out this amazing kit and others at . You can find more inspiration and links on BeeArty's facebook page

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  1. Such a pretty page, Sandi! Your flowers are beautiful!