Monday 12 March 2018

Moment to Remember by Malinda Gardner

Hi Mal here with a page I did this week with all things ColourBlast.

I started with some Colour Shimmer Spray in Sunshine and then used some gauze to mop it up, blotch it. I planned on using the gauze on the page in some form later on.

Next I took some Carribean  Colour Spray and did some very SLOW sprays so that just some drips fell on to the page.

After this dried I took some Colour Paste in Deep Water and swiped some over my page, just over the middle of the page tapering out to the sides.

Then I wanted to create some dimension and layering over the pastes with some of the Colour Artist Inks in Marine and Citrus. I used the same gauze as before to dab on the page giving a splodge effect and also to blend some of the colours. 

Then I layered the gauze, some book paper, white wire and a frame. I really like using the gauze on my page as it's got the colours from the Colour Inks and ties everything together.


I really love this page...what do you think?

I'm off to get messy...I hear those inks calling me...I love them.

...Mal xxx

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