Friday 30 March 2018

‘Dare To Dream Big!’ by Amy C

A person who dreams big is an ordinary person. What makes them extraordinary is that they find the courage, heart and discipline to make that dream come true!
With a teenage boy, who is going through challenges as he finds his way: all we can do is support them with their ups and downs. Support and encouragement for them to commit to making it happen. Whatever is important to them matters.

For this project, I started using some of my cardstock – I primed the page with  White Heavy Gesso

Once dried, I randomly placed letters on the top part of the cardstock.

When I was happy with the arrangement of the letters, using a paintbrush as pictured, I fully covered the letters with  White Heavy Gesso
Next, I dried it with a craft heat gun, which makes the drying process super quick.

To allow the spray ink flow easily down the page, I sprayed water over the letters and the top part of the page, then, quickly, while the page was wet, sprayed with Sapphire  Colour Spray. Be mindful to hold the card up to allow the ink run down the cardstock.

After the ink had dried (using the heat gun is quicker, of course) I splattered some water over the top part of the page – to give a ‘watercolour droplet’ effect then immediately heat-dried again.

Using a clear stamp block, paint brush, water and 'Black Heavy Gesso' I splattered some of the black around the page to break up the blue. Once the black splatters had dried, I stamped and placed some embellishments onto my page. I wanted to keep this page simple – as the photo itself, and the title are the main focus.
Here are some more closeups of the page.

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