Thursday 8 March 2018

Handsome by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. I am back to share another layout. I tend to struggle a bit with boy/masculine pages but really wanted to scrap these photos from a few years ago so persevered.

I didn't have a blue Colour paste quite the colour I wanted. Singin the Blues was too light, and Just Blue too bright. Just as I was about to give up I saw a container of leftover texture paste from a scrapbooking cruise I went to last November that was going dry. This was perfect for the idea I had. 
So I added some Navy Colour Shimmer Dust into a container and added some water. Once activated I added it into the white paste and mixed well. 
 When the colour was evenly mixed I spread it through a stencil and left it a few minutes to dry.

Once the paste was pretty much dry I sprinkled some Navy Colour Shimmer Dust around the area where my paste was then activated with water.

After my page was dry I dipped a sponge into my Soot Colour Artist Ink. Using my sponge I dabbed it through a stencil. (My first bit under where the stencil is was a bit too wet so became a bit of a blob though later got covered). I'd recommend dabbing it on scrap paper first to ensure the ink isn't too wet.

Happy with my background I placed it aside and did my embellishments.
I love adding embossing powders to add interest.
For my first star I stamped the chipboard with a black ink pad then sprinkled Dusty Charcoal  Colour Embossing Powder with blue micro beads over it. As the ink had dried a bit by the time I sprinkled it wasn't a full coverage which I liked.
My second star also had blue micro beads but with Just Blue  Colour Embossing Powder.
My third star star had tiny blue stars added to Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder.
For my title I embossed directly onto the chipboard with Steel  Colour Embossing Powder with added black micro beads. The colour turned out darker than its natural colour due to going straight onto the chipboard.

With another star I painted it with Heavy White Gesso first before embossing it with Steel  Colour Embossing Powder with black micro beads. Going onto the white base the Steel showed its true colour this time.

Here's all my embossed bits. The first star pictured I used Dusty Charcoal with black micro beads. Knowing I was tucking it under my photo I didn't emboss the whole star.

I sprayed Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray over a felt embellishment.

After I stuck everything down I covered my photo before giving it a tap with my Just Blue Colour Shimmer Spray nozzle.

Here's some close ups so you can see some finer details.

Thanks for coming for a look.
See you next time,

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