Monday 7 November 2016

You're Fabulous by Amy Prior

Hi everyone! Amy Prior back with you all again today, this time sharing a couple of recent scrapbook pages created using some of my favourite Colour Blast products. 

The first layout that I have to share with you all today is this super fun Monochrome layout featuring a photo of myself and my gorgeous friend Fliss at her recent 40th birthday party. 

For this layout I have used Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust on the background using one of my favourite techniques for working with Colour Shimmer Dusts. This technique is so simple yet so much fun to watch the magic happen. Simply spray some mixed media quality cardstock with a huge puddle of water in your desired shape, then sprinkle some of the Colour Shimmer Dust over the top lightly and watch it move around organically in the water. This results in gorgeous multi-tone colours as the pigments are left to naturally mix with the water. So much fun! This type of background is best to let dry naturally too as the force of hot air from a heat tool can destroy the gorgeous explosions of colours that you see here. 

The next page that I have to share with you all today is titled 'You're Fabulous' and features a selfie of myself. Not one of my favourite photos of all time but I just wanted to create a layout reminding myself to ignore the haters in this world etc. 

For this layout I have used Bubblegum Colour Spray and Sapphire Colour Spray. To create this background, simply grab a sandwich bag from your kitchen or any old piece of plastic packaging from your latest scrapbooking purchases and pick your favourite Colour Sprays to use for the background. Spray one spritz of Colour Spray onto the sandwich bag/plastic and then, using a water spray bottle, spray one spritz of water over the top of the sandwich bag also. Quickly lift the sandwich bag and smoosh the colour down onto the page in a few different sections to get the desired overall effect. Keep adding colour and water to the plastic and smooshing more colour down onto the cardstock until you are happy with the page.

 To do 2 colours like I have here, simply do the lightest colour first and then go over the top with the darker colour. Such a simple background but it creates a fun watercolour look without much effort at all. Also make sure to clean your plastic thoroughly before using a different colour to avoid creating mud. 

Well that is it from me today, and until next time, happy scrapping!
Amy Prior xx


  1. These are beautiful layouts. I am new to this technique so thank you for your blog . This helps me tremendously. Did you use a template to create the butterflies on the first layout?

    1. The butterflies are just white cardstock die cuts from my stash that have been added over the top of the background etc. Not sure of the name of the die sorry as I did not cut them myself but they are a bunch of butterflies that I cut up into single ones. Hope that helps :)