Tuesday 15 November 2016

Altered Paint Brush | Harley Quinn Inspired by Krisy Podolak

Today, I am sharing something a little bit different from my usual scrapbooking layouts. I have wanted to alter a brush for a while and I finally planned it and did it. I am actually hooked and have made a few but today I am just sharing my first one. This one started off as just a practice one but it turned out really great.

I started with a new brush as I didn't have any old ones. Then I painted it with gesso. The whole thing. I actually painted it three or four times to make a nice even base coat. Then I decided to add some texture. I had recently purchased a jar of Faber Castell Glitter bead medium so I thought I would give it a try. I applied it through a diamond stencil and left it to dry over night.

Next I applied the colour. The Colour Blast Colour Sprays were new to my collection so I thought it only appropiate to give them a go. I used Road Base and Love to colour the background. I wanted the Road Base colour to give more of an aged effect so I focused on adding more Love to the main areas of the brush and the Road Base to the edges. I repeated this process a few times until I was happy with the build up of colour. To accentuate the edges I added a bit of Black acrylic paint as a wash.

Once everything was dry, I then stamped some script over the whole thing using black Stayzon on ink. It is a really nice detail to the finished product. I then decorated it with netting, some embossed chipboard. I matched the red using the Colour Blast Fire Engine Colour Embossing Powder. I also added a brass hand that is a joker style and some black beads. Finally, I added a Flair from Funky Flairs as it was a perfect fit for the theme.

My brother is very much into cosplay and Harley Quinn and the Joker are favourites of his. I didn't really know much about the backstory of Harley Quinn so just incase you are interested the long short of it is... She's a crazy nutter love obsessed with the Joker.

Harley Quinn (Harleen Frances Quinzel) is a fictional character appearing in in DC Comics from about 1992. "Harley Quinn is the Joker's frequent accomplice and lover, and she is also an ally to the supervillain Poison Ivy, from whom she gained an immunity to poisons and toxins. Her origin story relates that she met the Joker while working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was a patient." (wikipedia)

The adore chipboard is from D-lish Scraps and I just embossed it three times with the Fire Engine Colour Embossing powder to give it a thick rich coat.
What do you think...I love it! I have a few more to share along the way so keep an eye out. There is a process video if you would like to see it come to life - Head over to my YouTube - POPLEOPOD.

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