Saturday 26 November 2016

Dilemma 101! by Ree Peace

The moment you discover the daughter has made use of your mixed media cardstock!!!
And then you find you have no gesso....argh!!!!!!

So I got to test Colour Blast on standard printed pretties, and it turned out fab...minimal warping too!

Keeping things simple, I did layer two standard PPs using double sided tape before spraying

I also layered my spray up too, just to maintain how wet I got the paper but this also helped get a depth in colour too that I was impressed with!

The colour palette was picked because of the colours in the images...Kim's hair was an outstanding blue that was a perfect match for Just Blue Colour Paste and the Saffron Colour Spray was influenced by Manda's Princess dress.

Next I pushed the texture paste through a stencil randomly across the page. 

Something just wasn't right the 30x30 got the chop!

A little blingy foam thickers, pink bits and bows, a squiggly fine liner boarder and quick journaling made for the final product. 
very minimal warping achieved with NO gesso or thick mixed media cardstock! 

now to go shopping!!!

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