Monday 8 August 2016

Tag Tutorial by Anguree Jansen van Rensburg

Hello everyone

It's Anguree on the blog today and I'm really excited to be sharing my first project as part of this team. 

So for my first post I created a tag to show you how easily the Colour Blast range can be used to create your own custom background as well as texture.

Spray a kraft paper tag with water.

Use a dry paintbrush to dust some Colour Shimmer Dust Sunflower  over the wet area and watch how it blends with the water.

While the tag is still wet, add Colour Shimmer Dust Candy in the same manner and add little drops of water if needed. (It will depend how dry or wet your tag is. The more water, the more and quicker the Candy colour  will blend into the yellow, the less water the less likely the colour will blend).

Add some texture by applying Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste through a stencil. Remove and clean the stencil and allow the paste to dry or dry with a heat gun.

Stamp the tag with Archival ink, using  a stamp of your choice. You may also use more than one if you choose to.

Now for the background. I created this background using Roadbase Colour Spray to test this stencil. I was not too fond of how it turned out and tossed it into the bin. However it caught my eye again, when I was looking for a background for my tag. Plain black was to stark so I figured it might be the perfect background for the tag. 

Stamp the salvaged background with Archival ink.When the ink is dry Repeat the first 2 steps by spraying the paper with water and adding  Colour Shimmer Dust Sunflower and  Colour Shimmer Dust Candy like before.

Emboss your choice of chipboard embellishments with  Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder and adhere to your tag.

Colour the word/text chipboard of choice by sponging on some Tangareen Dream Colour Paste. Excess paste around the letters can be removed carefully with a kraft knife.

Punch a hole at the top of the tag and set an eyelet into the hole. Add the remaining embellishments of choice and tie through a string of your choice.

For the full range of Colour Blast products click on the Link.

Thank you for stopping by. Till next time enjoy creating :)