Tuesday 16 August 2016

Art Journal by Tracey Campbell

Hello lovely people. Welcome back to the Colour Blast Blog, today I am sharing one of my first pages in my Art Journal. I have recently been on a short holiday up to Queensland and as we drove with a full car I had limited space so it restricted how much I could take with me, so I purchased a small art notebook and tucked away some of my Colour Blast stash. 
This is what I came up with on my third day into our holiday, the Colour Blast products that I brought on this holiday were two pots of Colour Embossing Powder, four pots of Colour Mica Powder, one pot of Colour Paste and two bottles of Colour Shimmer Spray.... :) now that I am typing this up is sounds like a lot, but believe me it is only a very small amount of my stash. :)


 This is how I created this page in my Art Journal.
Using a permanent ink, stamp a script stamp randomly over the page, spread some Colour Blast Colour Paste, Stormy Weather through a small circle stencil. Spray the Colour Blast Shimmer Spray Rose Petal & Just Blue randomly over the page. Let it sit to dry between each step.
Emboss Colour Blast Embossing Powder, Sunshine,  over some chipboard vines and Colour Blast Embossing Powder, Steel, over a cut-out butterfly chipboard shape.
Using a chevron pattern stencil spay the Colour Blast Colour Shimmer Spray, Just Blue, through it leaving the pattern.  Handy tip - flip the stencil over and lay it upside down on you art work as it will create the reverse pattern onto your page and create more texture.
 Mix up some of the Colour Blast Colour Mica Powder with some white PVA glue and using a toothpick load it into the gabs between the chipboard cutout butterfly - when dry it has the look of a stain glass window. Do this on some heavy duty plastic as you have to be able to peal it off once dry. The Colour Blast Colour Mica Powder colours that I have used are Lemon Zing, Wisteria, Watermelon and I mixed Lemon Zing and Watermelon to give me the orange colour.
 Using a black pen, roughly outline the pattern of the chevron misted Colour Blast Colour Shimmer Spay, Just Blue, pattern.

 Spread some Colour Blast Colour Paste, Steel, through a word stencil, repeat it a few times over the background.

 This shows where I have stencilled the Colour Blast Colour Paste, Steel,  through the stencil.
 Use some permanent ink and stamp butterflies over the page.

 Rub on an adhesive rubon onto the paper.

 Sprinkle some of the Colour Blast Colour Mica Powder, Wisteria,  onto the rubon adhesive.

 This is what the Colour Mica Powder onto the rubon adhesive - I love how the Mica Powder adheres to the rubon and how much shimmer and shine it reflects.

Thanks for stopping by,

Until next time.
Hugs Tracey

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