Saturday 27 August 2016

Happy Together by Danielle Vertigan

Did someone say Mica Powders????
I'm yet to really play with these.
 I love the shimmer powders and thought it was time I get stuck into theses little pots of fun.
After selecting my colours and I began with a thick cardstock and attached it to chipboard.
When I'm working with water I like a thicker card to help prevent the cardstock from breaking down.
I attach this to the chipboard because I feel it gives me a more stable foundation to start that is less likely to buckle or warp.
My next step was to select a Paste and Stencil.
Today I'm going with Snow White Colour Paste and a Damask Stencil.

I used the stencil in the top right and the bottom left of the page.
Turning the stencil upside down in the bottom section.
Whilst waiting for drying I picked my Colour Mica Powder colours, Lemon Zing,  Peach Nectar and Watermelon.
First I sprinkled a selection of colours directly onto my page.
Using a similar technique to the shimmer powders I spritzed directly to the page.
(Its important to note the spritzer moved a lot of the powder)
At this point I got out a water cup and paint brush.
I added the water using the paint brush and began merging my colours.
This was much more effective.

I added some more colour and continued with this technique adding water till I had found my desired strength of colour.

Using a black acrylic paint I mixed this with water to create a thinner consistency.
Using a skewer I drew large circles on my page,
sprinkling sections with Dusty Charcoal Embossing Powder.
I set this using a heat gun.
I created a cluster of flowers both paper and metal that complimented the Mica Powders.

Some Enamel Dots and Patterned Papers finished of this layout nicely.
The depth of colour in the Mica Powders is fabulous!
There vibrant and a lot of fun.
One tip is to seal them so they don't rub off the page or transfer all that beautiful shimmer.
I did this using a spray.
I hope you have as much fun with them as I did.
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Till next time


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to play with the Mica powders! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous layout Danni!

  2. Anytime Mel!!
    To say I love these products is an understatement!!! Happy creating 😉

  3. It looks great Danni, I love the colors you picked :)