Monday 28 March 2022

The flowers and the butterfly - natures true love affair… by Linda Pearson


For today's blog I let my imagination take me to a place of fantasy and beauty.  Using the Flux and Foliage stencils to create some fantasy flowers to attract its winged lover.  The Bee Arty stencils provide a wonderful avenue for challenging your creative mind to produce wonder journal pages or photo layouts.  Enjoy the process.


Colour Spray  – Bubblegum, Caribbean Colourblast colour sprays

GessoBee Arty heavy primer 250ml  white

Flux A6 stencil

Cascading leaves A5 stencil

Butterfly A4 stencil

Sparkles 12”x12” cardstock paper (Fireworks collection)

Mica powder  sunflower, cobalt, lollipop Colourblast mica powder

Catalyst silicone mini blades tool

Dina Wakley Acrylic paint - (Lemon, Orchid, Syrup, Green, Olive, White, Orchid, Magenta, Fuschia)

Modge Podge Dimensional Magic

Nuvo Crystal Drops white

Silver Rhinestones

Moulding Paste (texture paste)

Makeup sponges, Paint brushes,

Silicone Spreader Tool


Apply 2 coats of Gesso.  Dry off.

First background layer -  2-3 green colours into paste through the Cascading leaves A5 stencil over the entire page by tapping the paste with a silicone sponge.  Can add some white Gesso to lighten the green paint.




Second background layer – Apply a second spread of green colours through the   Cascading leaves A5 stencil – this time turn the stencil on angles over the entire page again.  Dry off.




Third background layer – For this layer apply Gesso through the Cascading leaves A5 stencil again changing the direction of the stencil to cover some of the gaps in the previous layers.  Dry off.



        Flowers – Create 3 flowers on left hand side of page. 

Using the Flux A6 stencil to create abstract flowers, mix quantities of  DW orchid (light shade), Magenta (medium shade) and Fushcia (dark shade) into the moulding paste.  Pounce the light shade through the stencil using a makeup sponge.  Repeat this process using the medium shade then the darker shade in turn to add depth to the petals.  Dry off between each pass.


Stamens – Mix some DW lemon paint into a small amount of moulding paste.  Swipe a good amount of paint through the berry shapes on the Foliage A4 stencil to resemble flower stamens.  Add one stamen to the centre of each flower.  Dry off.

Use a stipple brush to tap some textured lemon paste into the centre of each flower.



Add white dots around the stamens and on some of the petals using the Nuvo crystal drops.




Add silver rhinestones to the stamens and on some of the smaller petals using dimensional magic.  Use a paint pen to highlight around the textured shapes.




Add spatters of paint in DW fuschia and olive over the entire paint (not flowers).  Dry off.




Butterfly – Use a sheet of Sparkles 12”x12” cardstock paper as a coloured base to add Butterfly A4 stencil. Mix small quantities of moulding paste, adding Mica powder  sunflower, cobalt and lollipop.  Spread the 3 colours through the Butterfly A4 stencil.  Allow to dry. 

Spray some Colour Spray in bubblegum and Caribbean to the butterfly shape, spray with water to spread (Note:  some of the colour in the moulding paste outline will move also).  Cut out the shape from the paper when completely dry.




Add dimensional magic and silver rhinestones over the textured shape to add shine and dimension.



Adhere the butterfly to the right-hand side of the page using mounting tape. 

Add silver rhinestones to the butterfly with dimensional magic adhesive.

  Outline the butterfly with fine black paint pen.

Add the sentiment to the page and border to the page with paint pen.


Thank you for stopping by and hope this project has triggered your imagination to create your own fantasy page.

Bye for now from Linda


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