Friday 16 November 2018

Canvas by Ros Aggett-Madley

Hi there, today I'm sharing something a little different for me.  
I've made a canvas with lots of Colour Blast goodness.

I started out with a  12 x 24 canvas and some old pieces of patterned paper from my stash.  The paper has been cut in to small, different sized pieces and adhered to the canvas with Matte Medium.

Once dry, I've added a layer of Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock that I've mixed with an acrylic paint base.  Once dry I used a wet wipe to lighten some of this.

My next step was to start painting layers on the canvas.  I have used the same Peacock acrylic mix and a mix of Colour Shimmer Dust Paris  and acrylic solution.  I've also used some white paint.  Using a paint brush and my fingers I layered the paint utill I was happy with it.

Once the canvas was dry, I mixed some Heavy Black Gesso with some Glazing liquid.  This extends the drying time of the gesso.
I've coated a layer of this mix over the whole canvas, left for a few minutes then used lots and lots of baby wipes to wipe this off.  

The gesso is then left in the grooves on the canvas from the little bits of paper stuck on at the start.
You can see this in the last photo, sorry it's super blurry.

I've then used a stencil and Black Heavy Gesso to add a light layer of contrast across the canvas.  On top of this I have used some modelling paste through a stencil.  Don't forget to include the sides of your canvas.

I felt like I needed a little more darkness in my piece.  I mixed a some water with Colour Shimmer Dust Peacock and also a little Midnight.  This made a super gorgeous dark teal colour.  I used a brush to make puddles and runs of this down the canvas.

Once all dry I have added some Colour Paste Bling to my canvas.  I used a small amount on the end of a finger to rub this on.

Hope you've been inspired.

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