Monday 5 November 2018

Roses by Suzanne Franin

Hey Everyone Suzanne here

So for my creation this week for the blog I decided to try something out on a hoop I made my own gritty texture paste and I wanted it to be rusty 
Make sure you take look around the rest of the blog and if you have a product that you have and aren't sure how to use search it and projects that have used that product should come up and give you some ideas

I made a mix of decorative stones which are tiny stones, texture powder and impasto making sure it was mixed completelyI then went around the side and one edge of the outer hoop as the inside hoop would be covered by the calico

I then used Colour Artist Ink Rust and Colour Shimmer Spray Leather mixing them as I went to try and get the colour I was after but it didn't turn out how I wanted

So I made a mix of of Colour Mica Powder Espresso and some Gem Stone Glue from Helmar so the shimmer would stay instead of using clear gesso which takes the shimmer away

Then I used some of my large collection of the timber from the backs of the canvases (I collect them all they come in handy for all sorts of things) and arranged them into this pattern which isn't really anything

I then used Colour Paste Blush with a Rose stencil on the timber pieces (I wasn't sure how it would work but I like it)

I love when you use the colour pastes how the colours change when they dry

I then added a sprig of flowers that has some birds on it as well

Then I added some metal embellishments for a contrast colour and a different texture

Can't go past some Bling from Memory Maze

And these gorgeous Mermaid Balls that my mum gave me I have so many different colours in them they are so pretty

This is a side view of the hoop so you can see the texture

And another so you can see the shimmer of the Colour Mica Powder

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back soon x


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