Monday 9 July 2018

Owls with Selena Stevens

This is a fairly simple page today.  I have also included a process video for you to watch.  Click here to see the video.

To start this page I used one of my new favourite mediums, a resist spray, through a homemade stencil.  Once it was dry I sprayed Colour Spray (Sapphire & Indigo) and Colour Shimmer Spray (Lovely Lilac) once it dries then the resist starts to show through.

I painted some simple owls in with acrylic paint using several colours.

Colour Paste (Sunshine) was applied with a palette knife to give large luminescence eyes.

Heavy Black Gesso was used to add in pupils to the owls’ eyes.

To give the wings the effect of small feathers, a watermark pen was used to make marks for the feathers. Colour Embossing Powder (Lovely Lilac) was poured onto the watermark areas, the excess tipped back into its jar. The Colour Embossing Powder was set with a heat gun. 

With a white pen used for highlights, bring us to the end of this page.

I  hope you enjoyed it.

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