Tuesday 3 July 2018

"Watch me Grow" Scrapbook layout + process video by Louise

Hi Crafters

Here is a bright, fun, easy to create page that I hope you'll have lots of fun creating.

"Watch me Grow"

For this page I've used the following

Colour Artist Inks Calypso
Colour Artist Inks Mermaid
Colour Artist Inks Soot


Firstly I've used a stencil and smoothed some White heavy gesso through it.
I focused on two different areas - the left side and right side and wanted a triangle kind of effect.

I left it to dry naturally overnight - a heat gun works also.
Once it's completely dry, I've dripped some Colour Artist Inks Mermaid and used water to help it move into the gaps  - some I want to soak into the paper and some will sit on the gesso.

Repeat the process with Colour Artist Inks Calypso.

Finally I added a very small amount of Colour Artist Inks Soot and again added some water to help it move.

I love how this background looks! The inks move so nicely around the gesso and are almost like watercolour. 

It's at this point that I wonder what to do next.
I'm looking at the layout thinking about the shapes I've used - hexagons, triangle (square/rectangle photo) - I'm only missing circles.
So I grab some empty toilet rolls and dip them in Black Heavy Gesso

With the little bit of left over Black Heavy Gesso I add some water and using a paint brush, add a couple of splatters around the page.

Finally I've added my photo - with paper cluster and title.
I struggled choosing a title and a position, but in the end, I love how the title suits the photo and has a lovely pop of contrast on the page.


You can see the whole process in the video below.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Scrapping

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