Sunday 18 February 2018

Pretty Woman by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday.
Today I wanted to share with you my Pretty Lady and how I had a lot of fun with the Colour Blast products. I originally started this piece in mind to hang on my new apartment wall - I wanted it to go with my turquoise couch and pink/blue/purple cushions. However it never made it to the wall.....and I will share with you at the end of this post why!
 While I was exploring a Riot Art store I discovered a large pad of water colour paper with images printed on them, perfect for those days when all I want to do is play with my Colour Blast products. It is by The Art Studio and they are 16x20 inches so are a great size to get creative on. Here I will use one of the images.
The first thing I did was paint the outside of the image with some water.
Then using a think paint brush I painted random patches of Slipper Artist Inks over the paper. Having the paper pre-wet will create the Artist Inks to come alive and bleed across the paper. By not wetting the inside of the face it creates a boarder and the Artist Ink will not spread into it.
Here you can see where the Slipper has spread and how randomly I have applied it to the outside of the image.
I worked fast doing this as I didn't want the water and the Slipper Artist Ink to dry as I wanted them to activate some Shimmer Dust. 
 Here I am using a dry paint brush to flick small amounts of Duke Shimmer Dust over the wet area.
 Now I didn't work as quick as what I had planned, so I did end up going back and using a water spray bottle to active the Duke Shimmer Dust a bit more. Here you can see the movement that the Shimmer Dust had as it spread out over the Artist Ink.
 Once the Artist Ink and the Shimer Dust was dry I used Saffron Colour Spray through a stencil to as some visual texture and more colour.
 As I managed to spray some of the Saffron Colour Spray onto the body of my lady I decided to add to the mess by taking the straw out of the bottle and flicking large drips of it over the paper.
 Once the Saffron Colour Spray was dry I decided it was time to colour up my lady, starting with the hat. I painted water onto the hat to guide where I wanted to apply some Colour Shimmer Cube Watercolours, but as you can see it started turning blue! I then realised that I had left a light dusting of the Duke Colour Shimmer Dust on it. But even beauty can be created from mishap.
I just worked with it and left it as a starting point to add more colour too. Here you can see me painting Punch Colour Shimmer Cube to the blue to add highlights.
Next were more highlights with Royalty Colour Shimmer Cube.
And to finish off the colour my the lady I used some watered down Blush for her skin and Lipstick Colour Shimmer Cubes for her luscious lips.
I wanted more texture so out came the Snow Colour Paste through a delicate stencil. 
 Here you can see how the Snow Colour Paste looks when it is wet.... but when it is dry it is more shimmery and transparent.
 In this image you can see how beautiful the Snow dries.
I wanted to add some colour hair to my lady and I had an idea to use s scroll stencil, but I knew that I would end up with it all over her, so I used some washi tape and covered her up.
 Here you can see me using the Leather Colour Paste through a scroll stencil. 
And here she is all coloured up and beautiful. I love how she turned out. Perfect for my wall. I love how many Colour Blast products I used and how they all work so nicely together.
 Now I did promise to tell you the story of why she isn't hanging on my wall and that reason is; she disappeared!! I took my final photo of her and left her on the table on my new patio to completely dry and when I went to bring her in she was gone! Now I live two stories off the ground, with no access to the patio except through my unit, so the only thing I could possible think happened, is that she blew off and went for a fly to the ground below. I took a look and she was no where to be seen - so I now image her hanging in someone else's house. I hope they enjoy her and now I have a great excuse (not that I need an excuse) to play with more fabulous Colour Blast products!!
Hope that you enjoyed my Pretty Woman and I look forward to sharing my next one with you.


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  1. Great project Tracey. I especially love her stencilled hair.
    Louise xo