Friday 23 February 2018

Love Life - By Fiona Hughes

Hello Lovelies! I hope you have been managing to have some scrappy time in your busy lives.

Today my layout is on 12 x 12 watercolour cardstock, which I trimmed to mount on some deep orange Bazzil for stability again.

I grabbed a watercolour brush, a pointy palette knife, my water spray bottle & 3 warm toned Colour Shimmer Dusts- Sunflower, Amber & Candy.

So I wet the page down pretty well, starting from the right side this time, working most of the right hand side of the yardstick then tapering the wet area towards the left hand side.
Taking the palette knife, I lifted and sprinkled a tiny amount of each dust over the wet area. I spritzed over the area again and began moving the colour with my wet watercolour brush.

Once I was satisfied with how it looked, I dried it with my heat tool.  At times throughout this process, I lifted the cardstock, and let some of the excess water to run onto some folded paper towel, (this made a really cool pattern too, so I kept that for later).

Once again, I selected a 12 x 12 stencil, with plus signs on it, this time, & my go to Colourpaste, - Snow White.
I worked this sparkly goodness through the stencil over the coloured area only, what do you think?

Once this was dried, it was time to assemble my page.
I mounted my pic on patterned tissue then on thick packaging cardboard.
I used a doily, an acetate piece, a tag, some twine and flowers to embellish this layout.
I really hope you like it.

Take care of you and I hope you can play with paper and media soon. 

Lot-sa luv..... Fi x

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