Monday 19 February 2018

Whimsical Unicorn with Selena Stevens

Today we step into a magical reality and create a whimsical unicorn.

This project is based on this months Colour Blast challenge.  To participate in this competition go to the Colour Blast Creative Corner on Facebook.

To watch my timelapse video click here.

I started by spraying watercolour paper with water.  While the paper was wet I randomly applied Colour Artist Ink (Marine, Calypso, Grass, and Slipper) and a white ink and let it spread across the page.

While still wet apply salt over the page and leave to dry.

Once dry, brush the salt off.  Draw on the image with pencil.  Shade the image, in my instance a unicorn, with gelatos drawn on roughly.  Blend the gelatos with White Heavy Gesso.

Add details, such as the mane, horn, eyes, nose and decorations with White and Black Heavy Gesso.

And this is the final piece of a magical, whimsical painting.

I hope you enjoyed this.  And don't forget to upload your entry for this months Colour Blast challenge.

Until next time

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