Monday 26 February 2018

"dream" by Mal

Hey all,
Mal here today to share with you a page I did over the weekend using some Colour Blast products.
It was a quick page, nothing too fancy, just using what I had in front of me...because I am running low on most of my pastes and am hanging out to order new stuff this week.

So I had to make do with what I had and come up with a few creative ways of using my stuff.

First thing I did was swipe some Deep Water  Colour Paste across my page

Then as I only had a small amount of Lipstick Colour Paste left I decided to use it on a small stencil with just some small sections. I actually used my finger to smear it over my stencil as I didn't want to waste any and I only wanted it in certain places.

Then I took some gauze coloured with Slipper  Colour Artist Ink that I had used in an earlier page to dab inks on my page and used it for the first layer on my page.

After adding all my embellishments I decided the page needed something around the edges so I took some Colour Artist Ink in Soot and a bit of hessian and wiped the ink around the edge of the page. Looks cool hey...and no messy fingers lol. 

So what do you think? 
Happy scrapping...I'm off to order more CB goodies!

.....Mal xxx

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