Monday 25 December 2017

Green Eye with Selena Stevens

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas and enjoying the holidays.

Today I bring to you a mixed media art journal page where I created an eye using different variations of green. 

To watch a time lapse video of  the process of creating it click here.

Or watch below

So, lets begin ...

Glue tissue paper onto an art journal paper with matte medium and smooth out the air bubbles with a card.

The page was sprayed with Colour Shimmer Spray Leather and mixed with White Heavy Gesso.  I added a flesh coloured acrylic paint to bring it closer to a skin colour.

The outline of the eye was drawn with coloured pencil.  The whites in the eye were added in with White heavy Gesso.

Quite a lot of green, blue and even a touch of purple art products were painted into the iris of the eye including Colour Shimmer Spray (Envy), Colour Shimmer Dust (Lush, Peacock and Cobalt), Colour Mica Powder (Cool Mint, Wisteria) and Colour Shimmer Cube (Apple of My Eye).

The blacks of the eye were coloured with Black Heavy Gesso and the white highlights were added with White Heavy Gesso.  Colour Mica Powder Peach Nectar was used to colour the corner of the eye.  Coloured pencil added in the shading to the eye and eyelid.

The last step involved using an embossing ink pen to draw on some lines on the iris, covering them with Colour Embossing Powder Deep Water and drying it with a heat gun.  This process was repeated with Colour Embossing Powder SteelSteel as well.

The finished product.

A detail shot of the colours in the iris.

I hope you enjoyed this.

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