Sunday 17 December 2017

"Monogram and Metal Madness" by Melissa Struhs

Good Morning Everyone. I am sure this weekend is almost passed in a blur due to the craziness of Christmas approaching. I have been quietly preparing a few little handmade elements to add to the holiday decorations. I usually make something small to compliment the colour theme in our home...this year we are using lime green, silver, brown and wooden elements. 

And I figured, why not also work in the challenge of Metal Madness as well. I have plenty of those embellishments and love just digging through containers of them to discover just the right thing.

To begin with, I found 3 oval wooden plaques with a decorative edge, I gave it a quick sand and wipe over to remove excess dust and 

gave the centres a generous coat of crackle accents for an aged finish. These took about 30 minutes to dry in front of the air conditioner while I worked on other elements. I left the edge raw for a lighter look.

A few years back, I had a brutal clean out of my scrapping supplies and dumped old product into a box and ear marked it for Christmas crafting projects. These clear acrylic frames with a white decorative pattern are something I have had for over 10 years and barely used but decided to use a star stencil and Leather Colour Paste to give them a fresh new look. They were set aside to dry as well.

The square look of the acrylic frame needed a little softening so I added a filigree metal corner. Using an embossing dabber, Apple of my Eye Colour Embossing Powder was heat set and done several times to get a thick glossy coat.

Here is an image of those elements as they were layered and glued well as a stamped and fussy cut monogram that was placed in the centre of each of the frames.

At this stage, I still wanted to break up the shape a little more and reached for a larger metal element and placed under the wooden base and 

then decided that I needed 2 matching pieces for each frame. The detail on the metal was a little too intricate but

by adding some silver ink and several layers of Steel Colour Embossing Powder could really add a bold metallic finish.

Once these were finished and had cool down after using the heat gun, they were glued securely to the back of the wooden plaque. Of course, now I start to think that again the shape is too straight and lined up and made a quick decision to use a mini canvas on a diagonal to create a pointed look. You can see I reapplied my star stencil and the leather paste to add texture. 20 minutes later, and I was able to adhere the other elements to it.

I usually don't make off the page products but when I do I like to have multiple uses for are 3 ideas for what I could use them for.

1. A Place Card Setting for the table on Christmas Day: I have layered the dinner ware and then added a clear glass bowl in the centre where the diagonal canvas rests easily. It's a quirky touch that adds a personal look to the dinner table.

2. A Bespoke Christmas Ornament: Most people have an assortment of decorations that have accumulated as the family grows, but I like to add something new every year. By simply attaching a loop it can now be used to hang amongst all of the other colour themed decorations on our 7 foot tree.

3. A Ornamental Gift Tag: The presents can be made feel so special by adding something to match the beautiful gift wrapping. A little double sided foam tape and it is now a stunning hand made keepsake for your loved one's.

Any of these ideas could be made with your family as a crafting project, each piece could be as individual as you like and reflect their unique personalities. Colour Blast has a product and colour range for anything you create, what a fabulous activity for the coming weeks.

This is my final blog post for the year and am very much looking forward to spending it with my boys. Wishing you all a safe and very blessed Christmas.

Till the New Year,

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