Thursday 29 June 2017

Fun Times by Suzy Loudon

If you want a quick fun page to do then this is for you. 
I kept it very simple as I really felt that less was more.

I had a striped patterned piece of paper I wanted to back my white card onto. But I didn't like the long stripes. So I cut strips of the stripe and lined each side of the white cardstock (after trimming slightly).
I then activated my Colour Shimmer Dusts (I have a paint pallet that I use, then once I'm finished I set it aside for the water to evaporate leaving the Dust ready to be re-activated again later). Using Candy, Lush, Peacock, Cobalt, Passion, Sunflower & Amber I used my water brush to paint my splotches using a stencil. The Dust bled under the stencil but it gave the splotches different looks.

While my splotches dried I embossed my title with Colour Embossing in Dusty Charcoal. I gave it two coatings to make it nice and thick, then after I melted the second layer I quickly turned it over pressing it into a stamp giving it texture.

I double embossed my chipboard stars using Colour Steel Embossing.

I popped my title & stars on & I was done.
Here's a few close ups.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy


  1. Short, but nice... as usual. .. :)

    1. Thanks Sally.
      It was short wasn't it. Not the norm. But it was a very fast page to do...nice for a change.