Thursday 8 June 2017

"Colour time", by Amanda H

Welcome to this bright page! And my first page share for June!

It features some Colour Blast girls, as well as loads of Colour Blast products!

Here are the step by step instructions for my page:

Firstly, using White Heavy Gesso, I painted the white cardstock background, incorporating a piece of tissue paper to the page.

I glued two pieces of ornate corner chipboard to frame the piece of tissue paper on the page.

Then I added a coat of Gesso over the chipboard.
Holding your brush vertical and using a stippling motion, you can get the gesso into the edges/cracks of the chipboard pieces.
Next, I got some Colour Shimmer Dust, in Lollipop and Passion, and armed with my water spray bottle, I am ready to add some colour!
Sprinkle a small amount of each colour on the page, and activate it with a few sprays of water.
I sprayed more water as needed, and used my heat gun to dry and move the colour around the page and into the swirls of the chipboard.
I wanted to add colour to highlight the chipboard, so I used my Colour Shimmer Cube, in Royalty, to paint directly on the chipboard. 
I also loaded up my brush with colour and tapped the end of the brush to make some splatters in the Royalty
Similarly, I used the same technique with another Colour Shimmer Cube, this time in Punch. Painting to highlight some of the chipboard,
 And then splatters from the paintbrush.
For the next layer, I added some Colour Paste in Bling through a stencil.

I added some random stamping in black to the background.
I wanted some colour coordinated embellishments for the page, so I mixed some Colour Shimmer Dust in Lollipop with water and painted a Charms Creations music paper banner.
The decided I should paint a white rose too! (Sorry - night time photograph does not show the true hot pink colour)
I wanted to bring a touch of purple back into these embellishments, so with a wet brush, I dipped it lightly into the Colour Shimmer Dust in Passion, and added some purple to both the flower and banner. A few sprays of water ensures that the colours mix together nicely.
While everything was drying, I was adding layers of paper behind my photo (with cardstock, tulle and a doily), and I also cropped the white background so it could be mounted on the pink cardstock background.
Using Colour Spray in Roadbase and Colour Shimmer Spray in Bling, I added some splatters of black and gold to the background.
When you need more gold on a page, go for your Colour Embossing Powder in Bling!
I inked the wood veneer word in gold ink first, before using Versamark to get embossing.
I kept reheating the word and dipping back into the Colour Embossing Powder, which gave a really thick coverage of gold on the word.
At the end before I could call it finished, I again grabbed out my Colour Shimmer Cube in Royalty to again add some extra highlights in purple.
And here is my final page, and some close ups!

I do love the colour combination of bright pink and purple with the gold, such a bright page to remember an awesome night with these fellow Colour Blast Design Team girls.

Thanks for looking today..

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