Monday 12 June 2017

Sweet Girls by Tracey Campbell

Hello fellow crafters, it is my turn today on the blog and I created a fun messy page. I have to tell you straight up that technology did not like me today... all sorts of gremlins in the machines that caused havoc whilst trying to take photos and upload to Blogger. I must apologise for two of the faces on my photo - for some reason every time I tried to photography my layout I got a glare across it (and I wasn't even using the flash or another another light source). I tried to edit it in Photoshop to clean it up but now the faces look strange. So sorry..... enough of me rambling on, now for what you are waiting on.... how did I use my Colour Blast stash???

Recently I had seen a funky piece of art in a bargain shop and it had sparked my interest and I wanted to create something similar, so I created this heart stencil out of some cardstock. I simply drew the heart arrow with a pencil and cut it out with a craft knife.

I placed a bit of removable double sided tape to the reverse side of the arrow heart and then using a soft brush I lightly dusted some Navy and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust around the heart.

 I then activated the Colour Shimmer Dust with a light spray of water. I must admit this is one of my favourite techniques as I love to watch the colours spread, bleed and blend together.

 I carefully took the cut out arrow heart off the base cardstock and flipped it over onto another peace of cardstock, where it left a stamped image - so now I have another funky arrow heart to use as a base as well as the coloured cut our arrow heart that I used as the stencil. (But that is something I will share with you at another time).

Then I tilted the cardstock up vertical and using a eye dropper I dribbled some water onto the Shimmer Dust and it reactivated and ran down my base.

 As I wanted the arrow heart to look a bit more soild I took a fine brush and water and reactivated the Shimmer Dust again to outline the edges.

 Once the Colour Shimmer Dust was dry I applied some Black Heavy Gesso through a stencil.

 I wanted a bit more colour on my page so sprayed some Envy Colour Shimmer Spray on to a Ink Spray Pad (which is just heavy dense foam) and used the Colour Shimmer Spray as stamp ink.

 I stamped a subtle zig-zag pattern across the page with Envy Colour Shimmer Spray.

 And then added some hearts the same way using Saffron Colour Spray.

To finish off my background I used a Paint Pen and drew a messy outline inside the arrow heart and then using the straw from inside the bottle of Roadbase Colour Spray I flicked drops all across my cardstock.

I really love how the base turned out ..... all I had to do when I had finished it was find a photo to go with it and embellish it with some patterned paper, a title, some stickers and diecuts. I think I am going to do this again one day but on a larger scale on a canvas.

Thanks for popping and please come back tomorrow to see what another talented Design Team Member has to share with you.

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