Thursday 26 January 2017

Time Creates Wonderful Memories by Suzy Loudon

Welcome back to the Colour Blast Blog.
Hope you are all surviving the heat. Me...I'm over it. 
Hopefully I can take your mind off it, or you are enjoying air con while you peruse the how to of my page.

To begin with I sprayed Colour Shimmer Spray in  Steel through a stencil.

After spraying I turned the stencil over and used it as a stamp. I then sprayed more of the  Colour Shimmer Spray randomly (as there was a slight line mark from the stencil). 

Using Colour Paste in  Steel I spread it through another stencil.

 Dusty Charcoal  Colour Paste was spread through yet another stencil.

And just incase you were getting bored... I then spread Colour Paste in Stormy Weather through yet another stencil.The good thing is that especially with our current heat wave the pastes are drying extra fast so little time was needed between each paste/stencil.

I decided to try to make my own epoxy dots. Not knowing if they were going to work out I gave it a go. Firstly I spread my Colour Paste in Steel, Stormy Weather & Dusty Charcoal through my dot stencil on my craft mat. I then covered each with dimensional magic. Leaving overnight, they were still a little soft (3) so I left them for about 24 hrs when I removed them off the craft mat.

I sprayed Colour Spray in Road Base through a stencil

I wanted to add some splashes and drips of the new Black Heavy Gesso but it was too thick. So I wanted to water it down. Thinking that if I added some Dusty Charcoal Shimmer Spray instead of water it may add a little shimmer but it didn't really work once dried (so don't waste your shimmer spray).

I first splashed splashes with my paint brush. Then tipped my page the make drips. 

I did 2 coates of Colour Embossing Powder in Steel on my chipboard.

I decided my page needed a little colour so I sprayed a piece of cardboard in Colour Spray in Lagoon. Then stamped some butterflies on it and fussy cut them out.

I decided to emboss some chipboard with Colour Embossing in  Snow White. Without thinking I embossed the first piece straight onto the chipboard. It came out dark and silvery. So the next 2 pieces I stamped the chipboard with some white ink before embossing and it came out lighter.
A word of warning too...don't emboss using Snow White when you have a fan right above your head and in front of a window with a breeze blowing in. Otherwise you will end up with glitter EVERYWHERE!!!

My chipboard title I first painted in the new Heavy  White Gesso. I then gave it a spray in Colour Spray in Lagoon. Seeing all the glitter all over my craft mat I turned my chipboard over and ran it through the glitter. 

I sprayed my Fiji chipboard straight onto the chipboard.

It was then time to stick everything down.
I added my home made epoxy dots and a little string. 
Here's a few close ups...

Hope you've enjoyed today's page and it has inspired you to go create your own.
Till next time...

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  1. What did you write that you partially covered with the other objects? I like that... I would not have thought of that... you are SO good... :)