Saturday 14 January 2017

Frame within a Frame by Danielle Vertigan

I wanted to create a frame within a frame.
Something that could be displayed with a focus on the colour
and texture,
I liked the idea of keeping it unstructured and bringing the background
of my photo to the foreground.

The Heavy Gesso is exactly that!!!
Heavy and Thick!
Its coverage is amazing.
I adhered my chipboard frame to my cardstock and painted a 
layer of gesso on using the paintbrush.

Once dried using Stazon I added a layer with the textured script stamp, keeping it to the frame and some random points around the edges.

Using a Gel Medium I applied it liberally to my frame as a glue.
This held my tissue paper to the layout. 
Being sure to press it in firmly and encourage the wrinkles.

You can see how the tissue adds more texture.
I've also kept it central to the layout so my edges are clear.
Now comes the fun of adding colour with Colour Shimmer Dust.
I've chosen to work with
For this next step you will also need a Water Spray, Paint Brush and Spatula.

First using the water spray. 
Liberally Spray your chosen start point.
You will want to see the water pool (the gel medium creates a seal)
Using the spatula sprinkle a small amount of powder onto the wet area.

I love how Lush changes colour.
I've pushed the colour in using a paint brush. This also helps spread the colour.

Continue to spray water allowing you to move the colour as you please by 
tilting and tapping the page.

I continued this same technique around my frame blending the colours.
I sprinkle Sunflower into a few areas and spritzed with water to finish.


Now to get creative with Colour Paste.
From the pictures below you can see the colours added randomly and sparingly.
Its up to you how much you build them up.

Once all the colours are added and dried.
I rubbed the bling over the frame.
This was to help accentuate the frame so it Isn't lost in the  colour.

Using a black gel pen outline sections of the frame.
This will help add detail.
I also used it to frame my page.
A white gel pen was used to create a fine line around the photo edge.
The pics below will help you see more detail and colour.

The finished result is something I'm really happy with.

Thanks for stopping by......
Enjoy the sun and share a little summer flair

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