Saturday 21 January 2017

Blooper fun by Ree Peace

Well there is one funny story that comes from this creation...but all I will say now, to save this being too lengthy is; DOUBLE CHECK everything when using a school's motto for your title, yep I got it wrong!

But it does not make me love this page any less!

This page had me playing with Colour Shimmer Sprays, Colour Embossing Powder, Colour Mica Powder and Colour Shimmer Dust in a mix up of different shades of blue with a touch of Steel.

I started with colour blocking on the white card to use behind the cut file (yes I got a Silhouette Cameo!!).
 When preparing to use a selection of Colour Shimmer Dusts, including Peacock, Duke and Navy I pre-wet the white card but also I prepped the powders in a paint palette just to have some control over where I painted them and their blending.

Then I altered my chipboard pieces by embossing two of them using Steel Colour Embossing Powder and painting one with the prepped Colour Shimmer Dust left overs. Then I had a botched attempt at embossing using Polar  Colour Mica Powder...yes you are wondering 'what was she thinking? and you are right to do so...I wasn't thinking, until I near caught my chipboard on fire while waiting for the change and it wasn't happening! 

Below the two cogs show the effect I gained from combining VersaMark embossing pad with Colour Mica Powder...I like it!!

This is the Colour Shimmer Dust painted one ^^^

Before I went on creating my layers to go with my photo I splatted the background with Colour Shimmer Spray in Deep Water. These sprays on the black background are fabulous but....

Check out the effect of splattering with left over Shimmer Dust and drying it with a heat gun!!!

It bubbles in the most amazing way!

Then it was time to build up the page and get the finishing touches on...

By the way, if you just have to know what the motto should read, leave me an enquiry below and I will get back to you!

Thanks for checking in, I hope you are inspired to try at least one of these products to gain similar effects.

Take care, Ree x

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