Tuesday 3 January 2017

Queen of Hearts by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome to my post, I have been having a bit of a play with whimsy characters this year and I just wanted to share my latest with you. Now I do not claim to be very good at drawing the human head... I messed up big time on the lips for my Queen of Hearts....but I had lots of fun with her. Before you all shout "Off with her head!!" at me I will take you through my process and we can get messy together.

Draw the person onto some sketch paper with a lead pencil.

Cover the lead pencil with Masking Fluid - make sure that it is really nice and thick as the wet products can leak through the Masking Fluid if it is not thick enough. Let it dry.

Spray the image with Colour Spray working from the inside of the image out to the edges of the paper. The colours I used are Sunset and Love.

Let it dry a bit between each colour.

Apply Colour Paste in Fire Engine and Dusty Charcoal through a heart stencil over the top of the Colour Spray.

Let it dry

Sprinkle a little bit of Colour Shimmer Dust, Velvet, around the edges of the figure and then spray with water to active the Colour Shimmer Dust. Only spray enough water to create a thin outline of the figure, you do not want to over power the layers of Colour Spray.  Wipe off the excess that will not dry on the Masking Fluid and then let dry.

I left it dry completely over night and then peeled and rolled off the Masking Fluid, as you can see there are some blends of colour on my figure as I did not apply the Masking Fluid thickly enough.

Mix up some Peach Nectar Colour Mica Powders with some White Heavy Gesso and a small dash of skin coloured acrylic paint. This mix of products together creates a beautiful hue of a flushed pink shimmer skin tone, which is perfect for fairy tale or whimsy characters.

Paint the shimmer skin tone over the figure. I found this mix of product is thick enough to cover the bleeds of colour that came through the Masking Fluid.

Using a damp brush I dipped it into the Peach Nectar Colour Mica Powder and used it as highlights for the facial features. I did this while the shimmer skin paint was still wet.

 Here you can see where I put the Colour Mica Powder to give the face some depth.

Using the Sunset Colour Spray as a water paint I dipped my brush in and painted the hair my Queen of Hearts.

I then used the Love Colour Spray and did the same thing on the dress.

While the Colour Spray was drying I created a stencil of a crown and used it to mask the shape onto the top of her head using Bling Colour Paste.

While it was still wet I stamped a grid pattern stamp into the Bling Colour Paste to create some texture.

 Last but not least I used a black paint pen to line the details on to the face. Before doing the lips I painted a red heart shape onto them with the Love Colour Spray.

 As you can see, she isn't perfect she is whimsical which is why they are so fun to create. Using the Colour Blast on this type of creation is the perfect product as they complement each other so nicely and they can be used in a wide variety of ways that allows you to come up with you very own piece of art.
For you ease of viewing I have popped up the finished image here again so you don't have to scroll all the way back to the beginning to see how she turned out.

Thanks for dropping by, please pop in again tomorrow and see what another Design Team Member can create using the Colour Blast range.

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