Sunday 22 January 2017

'Mixed Media Canvas' by Elisa Ablett

Hi Crafters,

Another gorgeous Summer's Sunday here where I live on the coast, what's it like where you live today??

It's a bit of a sad post today because it's my last for Colour Blast for the moment as I take a step back to let some different ladies inspire you all. I'm sure I will see you all around on social media, don't forget to visit my blog - to subscribe and keep up to date with my next ventures. Thanks for all the love over the last year xx

Now onto my final post, you know me always creating something different so I decided on a Mixed Media canvas showcasing the Colour Pastes on Acetate and other mediums!!

Here is my Canvas - 

Tutorial Time !! 😀😀

Step 1 - Grab your fairy wing stencil and a couple of awesome Colour Pastes ( Deep Water and Fire Engine) spread your inner colour paste first using the palette knife and then the second colour to finish. Wait to air dry (for acetate) then cut around your acetate wings, ink around the edges in black ink and put aside.

Step 2 - I hand dyed a few pieces of medical gauze available from any pharmacy with Colour Shimmer Dust in Lollipop, make up a diluted solution of the Colour Shimmer Dust with water, then dip your gauze in and squeeze liquid out, Let air dry :-) 

Step 3 - Die cut a frame out of white cardstock, spray the frame with  Colour Shimmer Spray in Just Blue and then using a paint brush while the frame is wet, add a bit of the Colour Shimmer Dust in Navy with a paint brush, I just added the Dust undiluted to the wet parts of the frame.

Step 4 - Using small amounts of diluted Colour Shimmer Dusts (Lollipop, Navy and Peacock) on a craft mat, stamp butterflies onto watercolour paper, do several layers of colour on each butterfly image. Wait to dry then stamp the butterfly images again over the top in Versamark Black Ink, dry then cut them out.

Step 5 - I used a small canvas which was already prepped with gesso. I sprayed the canvas with water the using a paint brush I started to add my chosen base colour - Colour Shimmer Dust in Peacock. Keep adding colour and spray with extra water where needed.

While it was still wet I added my two extra colours  - Navy and Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dusts

To get an extra depth of colour, I added a small amount of Colour Shimmer Dust crystals directly to the wet surface of the canvas using the end of pointy palette knife, you do not need to add too much but it will give you gorgeous patterns and vibrancy of colour.

Step 6 - Once your canvas is dry, stamp onto your canvas with versamark black ink pad and your chosen stamps, I also inked around the edges of the canvas with the black ink.

Step 7 - Once your stamping is dry, you can now add your first layer of stenciling (circles) with  Colour Paste in Deep Water

Step 8 - Second layer of stenciling ( lines)  -  Colour Past in Dusty Charcoal

Step 9 - Third layer of stenciling (small dots) in Fire Engine Colour Paste and some lovely black splatters of Roadbase Colour Spray.

Step 10 - Last step is to add splatters of watered down Heavy White Gesso

Let your canvas dry thoroughly before adding your last details.

1. Glue down your torn up gauze and extra threads
2. Glue your blue frame to the bottom left hand corner of the canvas
3. Glue the middle of your acetate fairy wings to your photo and then using 3D foam dots to glue your fussy cut photo to the canvas situated over the blue frame.
4. Glue your butterflies to the canvas i situated mine over the top of glued gauze
5. Add your quote or saying
6. I also added some lovely teal dots with Nuvo Crystal

Here are some close ups!!

And you are finished! 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today, make sure you leave me some goodbye love :-) 

Thanks again.

Elisa xx 😍😘

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