Tuesday 6 December 2016

Embrace Life by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome back Colour Blasters, today I am going to share a beautiful, shimmery way to create a background. This background can be used for all sorts of lovely outdoorsy, feminine or love photos. It has a butterfly as the main focus but you can use this technique for any type of
shape or object.
First up using a soft lead pencil draw a shape onto your base cardstock. I drew a large butterfly over the right hand side, it was so large that one of the wings got cut off by the edge of the page....which was the look I was after.

Using some masking fluid outline the lead pencil shape, make the masking fluid outline thick and a bit messy. I dribbled some dots of the masking fluid over the cardstock. Masking fluid is a medium that paints on an off white colour and when dry turns yellow and it is able to be peeled off the cardstock leaving white space where it was. As it is used for blocking out colour or cardstock it makes a perfect partnership to most of the Colour Blast Products.

Once the masking fluid was dry I mixed some Colour Mica Powder in Cool Mint and Watermelon with a bit of water to create a shimmery watercolour paint.

 I then painted the shimmery water colour onto the cardstock in random splotches of colour.

 I just kept painting until the whole cardstock base was coated (but not the centre of the butterfly shape)

Leaving it to dry was the hard, I am an impatient person and just want to get in and add more Colour Blast products to it. Here you can see that the Watermelon Colour Mica Powder is not yet dry around the edge of the butterfly. 

 Once it was all dry (I ended up leaving it overnight) just use your finger to start the masking fluid and then peel it off the cardstock.

Once the water paint made out of the Colour Mica Powder dries it gives a beautiful subtle shimmer look to the page.

Using a black pen draw some faux stitching around the inside of the butterfly shape.

 Now the part I have been waiting for.... adding more Colour Blast Products to the layout. Here I am applying a coat of Colour Paste in Steel, through a stencil, into the white space of the butterfly.

Next using the stray from the inside of the Colour Spray in Roadbase, splatter some dribble marks across the cardstock. Leave it to dry so you do not smear the wet Colour Blast Product across your creation.

When it is dry adhere a title and photos to the layout.

As the Colour Blast Products are such high quality you only need a little bit to create a masterpiece, the medias speak for themselves and sometime extra embellishments draws the attention away from the creation. In this case less is really more!
Thanks for popping in.

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