Tuesday 20 December 2016

Christmas Layout by Tracey Campbell

Hello Colour Blasters, it is Tracey here again with another layout to share for your inspiration. 
I am really getting in the Christmas spirit now so I just had to scrap a few older Christmas photos of my daughters that I had printed off.
First up using an old credit card I spread some of the Heavy White Gesso through a stencil onto some white cardstock.

 Once it was dry I sprinkled a small amount of Colour Shimmer Dust, Candy over the top of the Gessoed cardstock. Please be warned that Colour Blast's Colour Shimmer Dust goes a very, very long way....so only apply a tiny amount at a time.

 Using a water spray bottle spray the Colour Shimmer Spray and watch it come to life, the more water you add the more it reacts and spreads across your page is bursts of colour.

This is the final spread of the Colour Shimmer Dust, look at the intense colour it creates and the interesting shape it takes.

 Next up I used a clear embossing ink on red cardstock and then sprinkled Colour Embossing Powder, Apple of My Eye, over the top. Once I had poured the excesses back into the pot I used a heat gun to activate the Colour Embossing Powder.

 The Colour Embossing Powder, Apple of My Eye, used on the red cardstock was a bit of a surprise as instead of the light  green I was expecting it turned a gold colour. Which was okay by me as I had planned to add elements of gold to the layout anyway.  I wanted the stamped images as an embellishments so I hand cut the bauble shapes out and decorated with a bit of gold and white twine.

 I decided that I wanted to stamp some of my title onto the cardstock however I didn't have the perfect red ink so I decided to experiment a little. I sprinkled some of the Colour Shimmer Dust, Candy, onto an Ink Spray Pad (just a piece of compressed dense foam) and then soaked it with water.

 I then used a clear stamp and the watered Colour Shimmer Dust as the ink and stamped my title onto the corner on the cardstock. (I have already added the photos at this stage, but I will run you through that down the page a bit when you can see the full layout in full.)

This is how the stamped image turned out, not super crisp and clean, which is okay as the rest of my layout is a bit arty  looking so I wanted it to blend in with it.

This is the final layout, I finished it off by adding a patterned paper boarder around the top and left hand side of the cardstock, I layered up patterned paper, the same size as the photos) below the photos and adhered them with a few strips of washi tape, next the baubles on the twine were added, with a few gold chipboard star bursts and last the number 25 to finish off the title.

As you can see in the final layout, the Colour Shimmer Dust creates a wonderful design and has this wonderful lustre of shimmer over it, perfect for glittery Christmas creations. As for the Colour Embossing Powder it shows the finest of detail and adds a touch of elegance to any stamped image.

Thanks for stopping bye, until next time - keep Colour Blasting away!!! :)


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