Thursday 22 December 2016

"Never..." by Amanda Hartmann

Hello Colour Blast fans!

My turn to share on the blog again today.

I pulled out some bright colours and old school foam stamps to come up with this page:


Here's how I created it.

Firstly, I got these paint trays, (a little like cupcake trays) from my local cheap shop. They are perfect for Colour Shimmer Dusts. Just a little water and a sprinkle of the dust and they are ready to use. The bonus is, that when you finish, they dry overnight, and then only need a few squirts of water to re-active them. No mess, no clean up, just awesome. To create this page, I sprayed a few squirts as I chose which colours I would like to use to create my page.

Next, I found these old treasures... Making memories foam stamps. Who has some of these up the back of their cupboard?

I dipped different letters into the Colour Shimmer Dust and stamped them onto the background.

I stamped using the following colours in Colour Shimmer Dust: Midnight, Cobalt, Peacock & Sunflower.

I also used my brush to splatter some of the Colour Shimmer Dust paint onto the background.

I painted some Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust around the edges of the page and in the centre of the page (where the photo will sit).

Another bonus of these paint trays, is that you can drop ribbons, fabric, muslins & flowers into one of the colours, as an easy way to colour embellishments. Here I am colouring some muslin in Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust.

I found my photo and mounted it.

But then decided that the mounting needed to be in yellow. So I painted the cardstock in Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust.

I also coloured some white flowers, also in Sunflower Colour Shimmer Dust.

and in Cobalt Colour Shimmer Dust.

Next I added a layer of Deep Water Colour Paste through a stencil.

I also squirted some Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray onto the background, and watched the colour blend. Such a pretty combo. 

Here is the final page and some close ups.


You can see the muslin, flowers and butterfly coloured by the Colour Shimmer Dusts, and used to finish the page! 

Thank you for looking, and I will see you in 2017!


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