Sunday 11 December 2016

Cool Dude by Elisa Ablett

Hi Crafters,

Happy Sunday! 

We are on the countdown to Christmas, hopefully you are all more organised than I am, I am sure the panic will start setting for me this coming week 😀😊

Today on the blog I am sharing with you a grungy boy layout I created using Paris Shimmer Dust, Roadbase Colour Spray and Dusty Charcoal Texture Paste which can be found at the Colour Blast Shop.

Here is the layout - loads of gorgeous greens (including some neon green paint) and black.

Green and any shade of green is my youngest son's favourite colour, so this is his favourite layout so far... I wanted to show his more fun, crazy side in this layout, he has a huge sense of humour and is beyond his years with what he says and does. Everyone describes him as being a real character and I wanted to capture it before he gets to that stage of pre-teen or teenager where they just eat and grunt at you lol

Let's get started on the tutorial !

Step 1 - Grab a ruler and pencil and draw a line about a third of the way down your page starting on the left side.

Step 2 - Spray the line with water, then while wet grab the top of your Roadbase Colour Spray and drag colour along the line through the water. Do this a few times, stopping to drop large drops of the colour into some of the more wet areas.

Step 3 - While your black colour is still wet, grab your Paris Shimmer Dust and using the end of a pencil or paint brush add some of the Dust Crystals to the wet areas as shown in the photo, if you need to add more water, spray some more directly onto the end of the paintbrush where the Dust is, it will create some great patterns and colours.

Step 4 - Using a black marker and brick stencil, trace around the inside of the stencil along the bottom edge of your paper and also in the top left hand side of your paper.

Step 5 - Using black archival ink and a large background stamp, I used a great Carabelle Studios stamp, add some light stamping to your brick work but really ink the stamp up for your background stamp for behind your photo.

Step 6 - Using a large square item (like a tupperware lid etc) using your black marker again trace around the edges of the square item to create a great background frame for your photo layering.

Also using the brick stencil again and a palette knife, spread some Dusty Charcoal Texture Paste over the area where your photo will sit. DRY thoroughly.

Step 7 - Add some more Dusty Charcoal paste using your palette knife and a skull and cross bone stencil (I used a Tim Holtz stencil) on the top and bottom right hand side of your paper. Also splatter and drip Apple of My Eye Shimmer Spray over the areas in which you applied your texture paste.

Step 8 - Once Dry, add some more stamping, arrows, chevrons, grungy grid stamps those sort of stamps. I also used a great roller stamp that had a few phrases on it like crazy fun, fearless etc I added those words mostly around the skull and cross bones areas.

Step 9 - At this stage I scraped some gorgeous neon green paint using a palette knife in patches over my layout. I also added to clear phrase stickers near the skull and cross bones. I did a practice run of where I wanted my photo to go along with some extra embellishments. It was at this stage I wanted to add some more Paris Shimmer Dust in patches to bring the beautiful green out some more!!

Some final details!!

Add some black shimmer splatters using your Dusty Charcoal Shimmer Spray.
Add some great black and white cross paper under your black tags and under your photo (i fussy cut my photo out).
Add some black thread under the black tags to add some more texture.
Add the rest of your embellishments.

Here are some close ups!

Here is another look at the final layout.

That's it from me today, I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial, don't forget to leave some love...

Wish me luck in finishing off the Christmas shopping lol

Elisa xx

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