Saturday 16 July 2016

What can you see? by Danielle Vertigan

I have to say I'm loving the new Shimmer Dusts!
They are little pops of perfection.
I had an image in my mind of creating a splash of colour.
A look of fireworks.
Its funny how we can have such a clear image in our minds before we start.
I had a Black and White image that I started with
and all I wanted to do was surround it with colour.
I chose the Snow White Colour Paste to use with a cobblestone stencil.
Once dry I sprinkled the Shimmer Dust around my page using
Lush, Navy and Velvet.
I spritzed with water. On any larger Clumps I added extra spray to spread the colour.
I love how it spread around the Paste and only absorbed into the Paste in areas where the Dust was in larger clumps.

You can see the fine speckled effect of colour you also get.

I mated my photo using a selection of colours to match the powders and finished it with a black.

Now to update some old wood embellishments I'd planned to toss....
Using Apple of My Eye Colour Paste and just my finger as the applicator I randomly applied the paste around my wood.

Whilst wet I sprinkled with Envy Embossing Powder and set with the heat Gun.

On my smaller pieces I simply dabbed the Just Blue Colour 
Paste on.
Once dry I added Royalty
Next layer was a touch of Apple of My Eye
Then I finished it off with Rose Petal.

The finished result is a great pop of colour, some great texture
and a modernised result for an aging embellishment.

Using the stalk from the Bubblegum Colour Spray
I Dragged it along the edge of my page dropping on the spray in dabs every so often creating an uneven coloured border. This will add to the colour intensity when layered.
Over this using my fingers I added Rose Petal Paste.

Once dry on a fine edge I added Stormy Weather
I waited for all my components and layers to dry before embellishing.
Using wires I created twist and manipulated my title.
I cut the large green flower in half positioned around my photo.

You Can really see the texture in this image.

All the Colour Blast products used on this project can be found by clicking on the Link.

Till next time
Happy Scrapping........

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