Tuesday 12 July 2016

ART JOURNAL | Flamingo dancing in the sun by Krisy Podolak

Today I'm sharing an Art Journal Page.  I recently went back to basics and purchased an art journal like I had in high school.  You know the A4 spiral bound one?!?  Well, it has released something in me that has made me happy.  I love the way pages look in it and the pages hold up really well to mixed media.  When I got my new Shimmer Dust I couldn't wait to have a play and just let the colour do the talking to see what I came up with.

First, I spritzed the paper with water then using a palette knife dropped tiny bits of colour onto the page.  I stuck to using the Candy and Sunflower.  I wanted to use colours that would mix nicely to create a third colour - Orange.

Once the powder was dropped onto the page, I just sprayed on more water and tipped the page up to allow the colour to run and mix.  I added even more paper and then used a heat gun to dry it and move the colour around in the process.

Once it was pretty dry, I added a third Shimmer Dust - this time the Velvet.  I only added it to the middle of the page and then spritzed it with water to dissolve it and move it around.  I dried it the same way as I did the other two colours.

Once it was dry, I found a shape in the purple that I wanted to make the focus of the page so, I drew around it with a Black pitt pencil and smudged the out line to blend it.  I then used a white pencil to add highlights to the outline and some hair.  I then added some textural stamping to the background, inked the edges of the page and added a few embellishments and the page was finished.  A flamingo dancing in the sun.

Art Journaling isn't always about starting with a plan or a page in mind.  It's about letting the colours and media talk to you.  And in this case that is what I did.  Don't be afraid to experiment. You can watch my process video on my YouTube channel POPLEOPOD.

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